What are the trendy wall paint patterns for 2020?

  1. Geometric
  2. Stencil
  3. Decals
  4. Faux Stone

Color has a surprising way of making anyone feel great. From different patterns to different techniques, there’s always room for a little bit of color in your life. Using trendy wall paint patterns is an amazing way to incorporate a variety of moods, bold accents, and unexpected ceiling paints into your space. These patterns will leave you tempted to redesign your entire setup.


A living room wall with geometric wall patterns

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Geometric shapes can be found everywhere. When it comes to art and painting, these can definitely become a staple. Adding large, bold shapes to your interiors allows you to create an artsy aesthetic for any room in your home. Try painting a wall in one room with squares, trapezoids, triangles, or any other shapes that you like. Give the shape a bold shade of color and a creamy white for the rest of the design. Maybe try a subdued ochre color for your chosen shape and mix it with tan shades. Put some potted plants in front of it for a boho vibe.

The use of geometrics has been around since the 1960s and 1970s due to its graphic and psychedelic look. Although these were very bold back in the day, you can still achieve the same interesting look with muted colors and larger shapes to modernize it. These large shapes will offset the patterns. The result is a unique color story and a work of art.



Boysen Closest Color Match

Stencils are still very popular, but this 2020, it’s best to gravitate to colors that use warm and earthy tones. To really bring stencil patterns to life, you will need to start with a semi-gloss base. Use a color like a pastel olive green. The yellow tone in olive is perfect for kitchens or dining areas. Then, choose a color that’s half a shade deeper than the olive and use the same paint finish.

For horizontal patterns, use the dry brushing technique. Take most of the paint off your brush and start with horizontal strokes. Keep in mind that you must work in sections in order to make your work look as clean as possible. Choose a white trim and ceiling to make your walls stand out even further.



Decals are made of separate parts. Letters and patterns usually come in different packs. You get uniform designs from different companies but if you want something unique, it would be best to create your own.

The first step is to create a sketch, this will get your ideas flowing. Take a piece of paper and doodle away. Get inspiration from your favorite artists and see where these ideas take you. Once you have your sketch, decide if you want to use PVC-vinyl or paint.

Paint is much easier. Using a pencil, you can sketch the design directly on your wall. After which, you can paint over it with the necessary colors. You can also use PVC vinyl, check here to get a crisp design. Use a computer and a graphics program with this if you know how. Otherwise, paint is the way to go.

Faux Stone

A living room with faux stone walls

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The natural, rustic trend isn’t dying anytime soon, but the twist relies on how you use it. When it comes to simulating the natural look on your walls, use semi-gloss and flat sponge textures. Beige or gray-beige is the perfect semi-gloss texture to start with followed by a flat white or off-white sponge pattern. Stay away from a uniform look and try brushing it on randomly. In an instant, you get an interesting and personalized texture that says laid-back and relaxed.

This is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms. To further add to the rustic look, use wood or wooden-looking furniture to really complement the room. Finally, for your upholstery and seating, go for velvet accents. Instead of going for green potted plants, succulents and flowers are always a welcome change.

Key Takeaway

These are just some of the trendy wall paint patterns you can try. They are easy to do if you have some free time during the weekend. If you’re ready to transform your interiors, these are some of the ways to do it. Try one out if you want to spruce up your interiors this 2020!


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