We can always get behind a beautiful neutral. Timeless and endlessly adaptable, it’s just hard to go wrong with them. This time, we’re taking the time to appreciate taupe. Here’s why designers love it and reasons that might convince you to have it in your home.

What is Taupe

Try Taupe! This Beautiful Neutral is an Easy Pick for Interiors | MyBoysen

What exactly is taupe though? Think of taupe as a color that sits between gray and brown. Similar to its neighboring hues, it can either have a warm or cool undertone. And, thanks to its subtle and muted charm, it’s often utilized as a color that can easily blend in with others.

All this makes it an excellent choice for home decorating and interior design. Top Architectural Digest, interior designer Victoria Holly said, “Incorporating taupe allows for versatility in design, providing a neutral foundation that can be easily enhanced. It’s a sophisticated neutral with depth.” In turn, this will also give you the freedom to add lots of textures and accent colors, keeping your space from becoming boring.

Why Have Taupe at Home

Taupe is a popular color for those looking to create airy and light interiors while also incorporating warmth, coziness, and sophistication to the space. If you prefer Scandinavian interiors as well as #TeamPuti aesthetics, taupe makes a good choice for wall color. It works well for colorful minimalism too.

Try Taupe! This Beautiful Neutral is an Easy Pick for Interiors | MyBoysen

“Taupe is an effective color to provide warmth to any space,” says Jean-Frédéric Nothomb, founder of Argile, the French paint company, to Homes & Gardens. “It creates a reassuring atmosphere without being too strong and also pairs easily with pastel or bright colors, adding either cool or warm tones.”

Taupe could work in any area of the home, from living rooms to spend hours in, to spa-like bathrooms. It’s approachable, dependable, and an easy pick even if you’re a decorating newbie. The allure of a good neutral is that you can trust it has your back.

Your Paint Color Options in Taupe

Try Taupe! This Beautiful Neutral is an Easy Pick for Interiors | MyBoysen

Boysen Permacoat has a range of readily available taupe colors. Off the shelf, you can grab yourself a container of taupe with a warm or cool undertone. There are also options for a saturated taupe or more subtle ones. Want to see them? Head here to see all the ways you can browse Boysen color swatches.

Try Taupe! This Beautiful Neutral is an Easy Pick for Interiors | MyBoysen

Boysen’s Virtuoso Silk Touch also has several readily available taupe paint colors to choose from. This paint product is sought-after for its luxurious matte finish. The lack of sheen and glare adds visual elegance to a room—a perfect complement to taupe walls. Aside from off-the-shelf colors, your options get even wider when you visit a Boysen Mix and Match station. Simply ask to see the colors you can get as Virtuoso Silk Touch.

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