Boysen paint products already give you a range of readily available colors. You just grab them from the store shelf and you’re ready to go. But it can’t be helped that sometimes you want more than what is offered. Thankfully, Boysen Mix & Match has your back! Here are some things to love about Boysen Mix & Match stations.

It Takes Just a Few Minutes

Quick and Hassle-Free! Boysen Mix & Match Makes It Easy to Get Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Some get discouraged from getting paint mixed because they think it takes too long. We’re here to tell you that it’s not true. Once you’ve chosen a color, it takes as little as 5 minutes to get a container of paint ready for you.

Here’s the process from start to finish.

  • First, approach a Mix & Match station and pick a Boysen paint product and color you like.
  • Then, the Mix & Match staff on duty inputs the code of your chosen paint color into a computer so a machine can dispense the right amount of tint needed to achieve it.
  • The last step is for another machine to shake up the paint so the tints get mixed. This is where you’ll have to wait a bit for it to finish but after that it’s done!

If you’re having more than one paint container mixed, this process is repeated until you have enough of the paint color that you need. Easy.

You Get So Many Colors to Choose From

How to Use Boysen Paint Color Fan Decks | MyBoysen

There’s bound to be one you’ll like! Swatches of the colors available for mixing are found at every station. Simply ask to see them and the staff on duty will be happy to show them to you.

You’ll be able to choose from the Boysen Color Palette fan deck, the Boysen Colorizer Series G fan deck, the Boysen Medley Fan Deck, and Boysen Color Trend swatches. (Learn more about Boysen fan decks here!)

If you want to browse the colors before you head to a depot, the Boysen App comes in handy. It has digital swatches of available Boysen paint colors including the ones you can have mixed. Just remember to check the swatches in person once at a mixing station. If you would rather have physical swatches, you can get your hands on your own Boysen fan decks. These can be purchased via the Boysen website. Head to and add to cart.

You Can Choose Your Paint Product

Quick and Hassle-Free! Boysen Mix & Match Makes It Easy to Get Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Whether you want durable paint for home exteriors or a beautiful matte one for interiors, Boysen Mix & Match can provide. As your base paint product, you can go for either Boysen Permacoat Latex, Boysen Healthy Home, Virtuoso Silk Touch, or Titan Superflex Elastomeric Paint.

  • Boysen Permacoat Latex is an easy pick for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. Being a 100% acrylic paint gives it excellent hiding and outstanding durability.
  • Boysen Healthy Home is the ideal choice for families. It’s a low-odor, low-VOC, water-based coating for concrete and drywall interiors. It has an added antibacterial feature too.
  • Virtuoso Silk Touch is a premium coating for interior concrete and drywall surfaces. It dries to a luxurious matte finish that’s easy on the eyes and smooth to the touch. Plus, it has an added easy-clean feature and is also antibacterial, low odor, and low VOC.
  • Titan Superflex Elastomeric Paint is a self-priming paint for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. A more pocket-friendly alternative, it’s a good pick for those looking for a balance of quality and affordability.

Just note that not all colors can be mixed as each of these products. Availability will depend on product formulation and stock. Check with the Mix and Match station staff on duty if your chosen color can be mixed as your chosen paint.

Quick and Hassle-Free! Boysen Mix & Match Makes It Easy to Get Paint Colors | MyBoysen

Enough talking. Head out the door and try getting paint mixed for yourself! Boysen Mix & Match stations are found in major hardware stores, home depots, and paint centers all over the country. Here’s a list of locations so you can find the one nearest you. Happy painting!

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