What are the palettes and designs you can use for Valentine’s Day?

  1. Fifty Shades Of Grey
  2. Sweet Heart Pastels
  3. Charming Coral
  4. Playful

Valentine’s Day is a favorite amongst many couples who want to celebrate their partnership and love. Bring something special to the table by redesigning and repainting your interiors and exteriors. Take note, you are not limited to shades of pink for your Valentine’s Day paint colors. Get creative and use different shades to convey  feelings and to exude different moods. Feel the flow of love by using these fun and unique color combinations for your walls.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

A living room decorated with different shades of grey

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Based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James, this provocative color combination is a classic for any interior. Different shades of grey offer a solid sense of power and sophistication in one space. Grey tones may seem like a lifeless set of colors but its effect is entirely dependent on how you use it. Balance this versatile universal shade with some pops of color to keep it fresh and vibrant. This shade is perfect for small rooms or condominiums that need a minimalist makeover.

When using grey as the base for your home’s interiors, it’s best to work with smooth walls and semi-gloss or satin paint. Depending on your preference, each finish has its own benefits. Semi-gloss is an all-around finish that can be used in bathroom walls, kitchen walls, and cabinets. On the other hand, satin offers a soft texture to your interiors with just a kiss of gloss. The formulation of these finishes is very durable due to the higher presence of polymers over pigments.

Depending on how much drama you want, you can go to both ends of the greyscale value. Going darker with your gray values defines shapes and makes spaces stand out more. However, it can shrink small rooms even further. Darker values can balance out larger rooms to add depth. But if you want an open minimalistic look, lighter values on the grayscale are a good choice.

Sweet Heart Pastels

A room with pastel pink walls and a desktop computer

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Pastel is defined as a color mixed with white that creates a soft tone without removing its personality. To keep in line with the theme of love, you can choose warm pastels to create your Sweet Heart Pastel color scheme. Pastel pinks and oranges are perfect for any romantic who wants to create a softer aesthetic for their living room or bedroom. To really emphasize the pastel color, choose a satin finish. It’s always best to work with a wall that’s as smooth as possible, but if your walls have blemishes, satin finish paint will help cover the imperfections.

Contrast is a principle of art that uses the arrangement of opposite elements to create visual interest. To start, choose a single hue. Use a light pastel pink to kick start the Sweet Heart Pastel look. If you want to inject some fun into the room, use orange touches in your furnishings and upholstery. Do you want a welcoming vibe? Try pink and mint.

Keep the color combinations on a lighter side so that the pastel feel of freshness stays. From the light pink tints, your best bet is to limit yourself up to the middle range. For example, a peach-orange and blush pink pastel will bring the contrast you need without making the combi too heavy. It’s an instant spring-summer look that fits in great no matter the season. All you need to do is dress it up with decor and you’ll be set for the year.

Charming Coral

Smooth coral walls with a sun-shaped mirror

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Need to transform your concrete exterior walls? Coral was a popular choice in 2019 and is still very trendy this year. Its warmth exudes a happy mood. If you have concrete walls within your patio and pool area, you can use semi-gloss for durability. However, you must ensure that your walls are as smooth as possible.

To decorate your exterior, add lush greens to make the coral feel alive. Alternatively, you can reinforce the warm coral undertones by using brown tones to complement it. This can apply to both your outdoor furnishing and landscaping. Combining green and brown tones with coral brings a bubbly energy into a space.



Boysen Closest Color Match

There are times when more is more. In this case, adding more colors can be the key to bringing back the romance within your home. Reserve this palette for the interiors. Be bold and brave by using full colors that draw your attention. A combination of turquoise, classic blue, lilac, and yellow will make any interior design stand out. For such a combination, you can execute it through your living area. Paint the walls with a subdued satin lilac and showcase the other colors through furniture and wall trimmings. You can play with color but remember to use it wisely in this situation.

Key Takeaway

Use Valentine’s Day paint colors in your home to ensure that the love nest is as warm as ever.  It’s a bigger gesture than roses, but then again, a few flowers never hurt. If you want to go the extra mile for someone you love, this is a creative way to do it. Easily find the best romantic color combinations for your home by going to your nearest Boysen Mix & Match Station now.


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