Meet our Boysen girl Krafty Kriz! For her first DIY video tutorial on a wall paint design idea, Kriz will show us how to make a faux brick wall.

Kriz is a bubbly millennial who can show us that DIY can be fun. Do you want to have that terra cotta color in your home to bring in a natural, rustic feel? Watch the video.

Yes, the faux brick wall requires a lot of surface preparation, especially when taping the wall to simulate the brick pattern. But if you don’t want the mess and expense of installing real bricks in your home, this DIY project can be a good alternative. What’s also great about this wall paint design is that if you want a change down the road, you can come up with something new without any structural changes. Just get paint and start anew!

Other DIY Wall Paint Tutorials

Ombre Wall

DIY Ombre Bedroom Wall | Krafty Kriz
Bedroom with ombre wall designed by Architect Siochi for SM Home using Boysen paint

Our first-ever wall paint design idea was by Danica in November 2017. She made an Ombre Wall. This one’s great to use in bedrooms or bathrooms because of the “watercolor effect” which gives a delicate and subtle vibe.

Chalkboard Calendar Wall

DIY Chalkboard Calendar Wall | Krafty Kriz
Alex with her chalkboard calendar wall. Click photo to watch DIY video.

If you don’t like ombre ek-ek and prefer to go functional, try Alex’s chalkboard calendar wall. The surface preparation here with the taping is similar to Kriz’s faux brick wall. But with the chalkboard calendar wall paint design, you get to use that space where everyone in the household can write their skeds. If you’re mom or dad, you can keep track of where your children are. The chalkboard calendar is also great for offices where you need to know at one glance what the team is working on.

Geometric Wall

DIY Geometric Wall | Krafty Kriz
Carlo’s geometric wall. Click photo to watch DIY video.

Carlo’s geometric wall is a favorite because the color palette is refreshing, bright and so happy! Carlo used this wall paint design for his Mama’s neighborhood fruit bar. Trivia: this painting idea has been so successful for the business that this palette has been carried over to another branch!

Stencil Wall Mural

DIY Stencil Wall Mural | Krafty Kriz
Dexter and Mia’s DIY Stencil Wall Mural. Click photo to watch DIY video.

Painter’s tape is so useful. Except for the ombre wall, tape is used to create the designs and to make sure that you get crisp, clean lines when you paint the patterns. This stencil wall mural which Dexter and Mia made in preparation while waiting for their firstborn to arrive, adds a white cloud pattern using a stencil against a dark grey background. Just a little extra love for the coming bebe. Actually this is more for the parents’ benefit than the baby’s who wouldn’t notice the wall paint design anyway. Happy parents make for happy babies 😀

Faux Denim Wall

BOARDING BOYS, Episode 3: How to Paint a Faux Denim Wall
Faux denim wall. Click on photo to watch video.

The college boys who shared an apartment did a makeover of their home, and one of the wall painting ideas they had was to have a faux denim wall. With a newly blue-painted wall and a hard-bristled brush, you too can create this kind of effect.

Wall Painted Using the Rag Rolling Technique

DIY Rag Rolling Paint Technique | Krafty Kriz
Click on photo to see how you can do this rag rolling paint technique

Bea transformed a condo she was renting out on Airbnb to increase her rental income. She wanted to earn extra money so she could visit her mother who was working outside the country. For her wall paint design idea, she used an old T-shirt, wrapped that around a paint roller, and secured it with rubber bands. Because of her DIY efforts, her condo got more views in Airbnb, and more people rented it. She was able to save enough money to go on that trip. Bea was lucky to have a dear friend manage the guests while she was gone., If you have a second home which you’d like to rent out, make it as attractive as possible without spending too much. Learn some tricks from Bea.

Faux Wood Textured Wall

DIY Faux Wood Texture Wall | Krafty Kriz
Oliver’s faux wood textured wall. Click on photo to see video.

Oliver is a vlogger who wanted to change his studio to welcome the new year. Since he didn’t want to have too much of a downtime at work, he opted to have makeovers with impact for little money and less time. He chose to make a faux wood textured wall. He repurposed an empty tube container and used that as a tool to help him create the wood patterns.

Inspiration Wall

DIY Inspiration Wall | Krafty Kriz
Honey’s DIY Inspiration Wall. Click photo to watch DIY video.

Because of a sedentary lifestyle and too much junk food, Honey started having health issues. A trip to the doctor was enough to get her on the path to a healthy lifestyle. She started changing her diet and eating nutritious food, went out for regular runs with a buddy, and became inspired enough to renovate her home to accommodate greenery like making planters for her herbs. She revamped her kitchen to make food prep easier. On top of that was a wall paint idea, an accent wall with an encouraging and motivating quote to remind her that a healthy life was definitely a choice she could make every day.

Shiplap Accent Wall

DIY Shiplap Accent Wall | Krafty Kriz
Carol and Anthony’s DIY shiplap accent wall. Click photo to watch video.

Last but not least is our 11th wall paint design tutorial with Carol and Anthony’s shiplap accent wall! The newlyweds wanted to have a home that had their creative stamp. So with a few boards, a few colors of paint, some distressing techniques, they installed their shiplap accent wall in their living room. A few more DIY projects finished the look.

Boysen Video Tutorials

If you’re someone who loves to do DIY projects, you can make a lot of impact with paint for relatively little money. For painting ideas, just click on this DIY videos link, and scroll through the titles to see what catches your imagination. If you want to binge on the webisodes, subscribe to Studio B for free and go to Boysen DIY. Of course, you can also watch the movies, TV series or sports programs you find in the online Boysen channel any time day or night. But don’t forget to make time for your DIY makeovers!




Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.


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