We’re only a few weeks away from welcoming a brand new year. While it’s important to think about new year’s resolutions and planning out self-improvement goals, let’s not forget about our homes as well. Your living space also deserves a “New Year, New Me” project. Still not sure what colors to go with for your home repainting project? Take the quiz below and we’ll match you with your perfect paint palette from BOYSEN Color Trend 2022/2023!

What Color Trend 2022/2023 Should You Try?

Pick a snack

Pick a drink to go with it!

Pick the perfect weekend activity

Pick a cute pet

Pick your dream vacation destination

What do you bring everywhere with you?

Pick an aesthetic.

What's your new year's resolution?

All 8 questions completed!

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What Color Trend 2022/2023 Should You Try?

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On a quiz-taking binge? No worries! We have tons of other fun quizzes for you to try here. If you have any other questions on paints, colors, or DIY inspirations, send us an email at ask@myboysen.com. We’re always happy to help. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog too for weekly short and sweet paint and color inspos sent straight to your email. Happy painting!


Inah is an avid overplanner with a manic desire to organize everything. She dedicates most of her time and attention to her two chunky dogs, Prince and Peanut. If there's a bit of extra time on hand, she will spring clean her entire house.

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