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Please help me choose between two elastomeric paint products. There’s Boysen Elasti-kote and there’s also Titan Superflex. When should I pick one over the other? What is the difference between them?

Also, should I apply Plexibond before using the mentioned paint products?

Thank you!

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A. Boysen Elasti-kote vs. Titan Superflex

To answer your first question, choosing one over the other can largely depend on the structure you’re working with. Is it a two-storey house or a building with several floors?

This is because the main difference between the two elastomeric paints you mentioned, Boysen Elasti-kote and Titan Superflex, is quality as they’re intended to be used on different structures.

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: What’s the Difference Between Boysen Elasti-kote and Titan Superflex? | MyBoysen

Boysen Elasti-kote is meant to be used on medium to high-rise buildings. Because of this, it’s made to be highly durable and long-lasting—considerably more so than the paint product you would typically use for your home.

Paint TechTalk with Lettie: What’s the Difference Between Boysen Elasti-kote and Titan Superflex? | MyBoysen

On the other hand, Titan Superflex is the paint product you would want for home painting projects as it’s intended to be used on residential and commercial structures. It’s self-priming too!

B. Using Boysen Plexibond for Waterproofing

Now, about your Boysen Plexibond inquiry. Yes, you absolutely can apply Plexibond before using either Boysen Elasti-kote or Titan Superflex.

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Since both are paint products and not waterproofing systems, you can use Plexibond beforehand to give your walls protection from water seepage. Apply Plexibond on bare concrete walls in 2 to 3 coats before your desired elastomeric paint.

And, those are all your questions answered! Thank you for your wonderful inquiries and wishing you success on your painting projects!

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    • For exterior concrete walls, it is recommended to apply 2 – 3 coats of the BOYSEN Plexibond mixture.

      Let it dry for at least 1 day before applying paint.

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