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Have you ever considered using a grey palette for your baby room? If not, then keep on reading because you may find it a welcome change from the usual pink or blue.

There are those who want to be gender neutral and have chosen yellow, and others who have chosen something safe like white. But what if you wanted a different look, something more sophisticated yet calming?

Let’s usher in the greys!


How Do You Choose the Right Kind of Grey

If your baby room is lacking in natural light, then choose a warm grey because the hint of yellow or pink in it gives a warm and welcoming glow to the space. Have light-colored furnishings to highlight that airy and fresh feel.

If you want to have a luxurious and serene ambience, then go for a cool grey. Choose furnishings with natural materials like wood to create that cozy quality, much like the Scandinavian hygge.

The best thing about grey is that it is like a blank canvas on which you can experiment with bright hues like yellow, salmon, pink, or lavender.



…Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…
(My Favorite Things, Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Copper is one of my favorite colors because it has such an old romantic feel to it, of tradition, and bygone days when parents read aloud bedtime stories, when time spent together meant conversations, real emotional connections, a meeting of minds and hearts.

Copper – a reddish-brown color, like skin that has been touched by the sun for days on end. Not as shiny as gold or silver, its patina nevertheless gives any room a tasteful elegance and style.

Can such an old-world color fit in this day and age? YES!

Click on any photo below to open the gallery.

Feast your eyes on these palettes. And if you want your space to exude a quiet sophistication, paint your walls with any of these base colors, and get yourself a touch of copper.

Tip: Have the real deal in your living space. Get yourself a copper lamp, a stool, or other furnishings because having that metallic gleam adds to the textures found in the space, and gives it an extravagant flair.




The banig (mat) served as my inspiration for my living room, that and the palette Tradition from Boysen Color Trend 2017, not the colors but more the spirit and feel of the palette.

After coming back to the Philippines, I wanted a Modern Rustic vibe for my home in Manila. The banigs came from Bukidnon, and were handwoven by girls. I kick myself for throwing out the tags that came with them because those carried the names of the girls and the patterns they used for the weaves.

I enjoy the colors very much, the cheerful mood they give the living room, and the way they bring the look together. Even the orange Milo Baughman chair (circa 1950s) with the chrome frame fits right in!

Please watch this video about banig makers in Leyte. From getting the sea grass or buri to the finished mat, it takes a weaver about six weeks! Our banigs in the Philippines are completely handcrafted, which is a long and tedious process. When I see a banig, I see not only the beauty of the mat but I also think about the hard labor that a weaver put into it. And we’re not just talking here about the skills needed to make them!

Go to a tiangge and get a couple of these instead of buying a rug.  You hit two birds with one stone: the first is you give your home a happy feel, and the second, you are helping our weavers! That helps to keep this tradition alive.

Here is a stall I found in the Sunday Legaspi Market in Makati. Dino’s place is called Etniko Pilipino. If you frequent bazaars and trade fairs, chances are you’ll see Etniko there.

Caveat: you can slide out from underfoot with the banig so be careful. If you’re the type to run around your home, you can put a rubber backing under the banigs to prevent accidents from happening. I haven’t done it so do tell me if it works!







Palette Renew may have been launched last year in the Boysen Color Trend 2016, but it is as relevant now as it was then, maybe even more so with the recent natural disasters that strongly point us in the direction of GOING GREEN. NOW.

I’ve been asking millennials I know whether the environment is something they consider important. I get a resounding yes every single time. Anyone who reads the news or spends time in social media can no longer ignore issues like climate change, carbon footprint, waste disposal, sustainable energy… These are not buzzwords but real life challenges that we all are facing wherever we are in the world.

Palette Renew is an invitation to come up with an alternative lifestyle that veers away from the culture of consumerism which prevailed in the 20th century.

For Earth Day this year, we made a video to show that we can do simple things to take care of the environment right now.

Read more about this palette in the post Celebrate Mother Earth with the Palette Renew.

Let’s RENEW our commitment to Mother Earth, guys; let’s GO GREEN.

From September 12 to 17, you will see the palette Tradition of Boysen Color Trend 2017 in the room sets in SM Home’s The Essentials of Condo Living at the Concourse, Ground Floor, SM Makati.

The Root of Palette Tradition

The palette Tradition hints at the works of weavers and artisans, here and around the world, whose craftsmanship has been handed down to them by their ancestors. Old art forms in fabrics and weaves, like in our banigs, tinalak, inabel, ikat, to name a very few, were the basis for this palette. However, globalization and technological advancements have influenced tastes, so we have given a modern twist to the ethnic palette to make it more relevant to the aesthetics of Filipinos today.

See Tradition in SM Home Makati

SM Home has four room vignettes that you can go visit now at the Concourse at the Ground Floor in SM Makati.

Kitchen and Dining Room Vignettes at SM Makati
Bedroom and Living Room Vignettes at SM Makati

There will be talks from 1 to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday, September 16 and 17, where Boysen will give some painting tips and color inspirations.

There will be more opportunities for you to get style inspiration and design advice from other experts, including Design Workshops that you can join for free! So if you’re thinking about renovating your home, then do drop by and take advantage of this chance.

Let the colors of Tradition give your home a truly modern Filipino feel.






Let the Boysen yellow called Happy Face greet you a very good morning every day, rain or shine.

Monday blues hit most people, much more so if the weekend was a sweet and carefree one. So what you’d need is a zap of pure sunshine in your kitchen while you prepare yourself a cup of much-needed coffee to wake you up. Add to that some light pancakes dribbled with strawberry jam and a handful of blueberries for that boost in Vitamin C that helps your heart to pump healthily.

Some of us actually prefer daing na bangus, garlic rice and scrambled egg, or pan de sal and kesong puti, but those are not very photogenic so our breakfast preferences would have to take a back seat.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

Those Monday blues are going to melt away like butter under a hot sun, and before you know it, you’re bright-eyed and ready to take on whatever the day has to offer. Heck, with Happy Face, maybe even the whole work week would seem like a breeze.

Good morning! We wish you all a happy face to greet the world with!

There’s this other yellow kitchen to inspire you.






Copenhagen is the capital of New Nordic cuisine, known for its use of fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. Everyday ingredients like radishes, peas, and apples are prepared in unexpected ways and incorporated together with seafood and meat to create dishes that are both healthy and unbelievably flavorful. The meticulous presentation also assures that the dishes are as good as they look, and each dish looks somewhat like a piece of abstract art.

Feast your eyes on the these color palettes found in the following dishes.


The colour green is almost omnipresent in New Nordic cuisine due to their regular use of vegetables (more so during the summer). The two dishes that fall under this category are the green strawberry tart, raw strawberries with a biscuit-like crust, and the buttermilk & chervil, a sorbet-like dish with chervil sprinkled above.

Green strawberry tart. The appetizer from the Relæ menu.
Buttermilk & chervil. Sweet, tangy, and creamy.

Vegetables and fruits are so fresh in Scandinavia that sometimes, a single ingredient (or a few) could be flavorful enough for a single course. The two dishes here are the oyster, turnip & horseradish appetizer and the fava & fennel soup.

Oyster, turnip & horseradish. The turnips were astonishingly sweet unlike those I’ve tried before.
Fava & fennel soup. The dish was carried by the taste of the fava alone, no extra seasoning necessary.

The monochromatic color scheme may have given the dishes a laid-back look, but it also made me curious to try the dishes. The flavors were far from bland, and they made me appreciate the authenticity of the ingredients.

Contrasting Colors

New Nordic cuisine is very well balanced, and a large proportion of vegetables are used evenly with the accompanying meat or seafood. The first picture is the Havervadgård lamb & summer greens, with the produce straight from the farm; the second one is the glazed pork belly; and the last one is salmon and avocado smørrebrød.

Havervadgård lamb & summer greens, the main dish of the tasting menu.
Glazed pork belly, a bestselling dish.
Salmon and avocado smørrebrød. Many know smørrebrød as the “Danish sandwich” since it’s difficult to pronounce for non-speakers.

The complementary color scheme adds a lot to the presentation and entices you to just dig in!

Combination of Individual Colors

These dishes really caught my eye due to their rich hues of purple, green, black and/or white. The colors of the different ingredients popped when put together. The flavors of the two dishes were perfectly nuanced, just like their color combinations.

Sorbet of wild blackcurrants. Hazelnut milk and blackcurrants make a good dessert combination.
Blæksprutte (squid), a squid dish with various vegetables and its ink on the side. 

New Nordic is unlike any other cuisine in the world, both visually and taste-wise.  The food in Copenhagen certainly is a feast for the eyes, and it may serve as inspiration for artists, designers, and chefs alike.

Two colors from the Technology palette of Boysen’s Color Trend 2017, the pink Techy Romantic and blue Space Encounter, are used in the walls of this home office vignette. Although these are pastels, these pink and blue colors are not your usual baby hues but modern and edgy.

The home office is very functional with the table, shelves, and various storage containers strategically strewn about the room. The blonde color of the wood used for the table, the shelves and the frame of the office chair, as well as the woven material of the containers, is a unifying factor. That and the white, grey and black of the geometric print of the area rug, the photo prints on the walls, the seat cushion of the chair, are elements that consolidate the look and make it very pleasing and restful to be in, especially with all that greenery. The light color of the wood is further emphasized by the daffodil yellow of the accent chair, a playful touch that invites you to enjoy even more your working space.

Closest Color Match

Tom Castaneda, SM Home’s AVP for Marketing, came up with the idea to make five room vignettes to show SM Home’s customers how to combine furnishings and colors to have a home you can be proud of. This home office was designed by Iriss Mangio of ILM Concept Design Interiors for Complete Your Home, an exhibit which will be at the bridgeway in the fifth floor of SM Makati until July 31.

Times are changing, and so are work practices. Technology has changed the labor landscape to the extent that working from home has become acceptable, even to big companies. In fact, an article from powerpinoys.com say that, “Philippines is now becoming the go to country for business owners who want to hire home based freelancers for short-term and even long term contracts. With the neutral English accent and friendly nature of Filipinos, a lot of foreign businesses preferred to work with Filipinos instead of others.”

So go to SM Makati for inspiration, and get yourself a home office you’d love to spend time in.

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Glow with the Flow for Your Cheerful Kitchen






Stories about the pomegranate abound. The myth of Persephone tells the tale of how the fruit was instrumental in the creation of the four seasons.

It’s a symbol of fertility, abundance and good luck, or as an offering for the spirits of the dead.

Ancient, mysterious, magical, the pomegranate is also a potent ingredient in traditional medicine and widely used in food as well.

Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint.

The pomegranate colors range from yellow, pink, red, to purple, and its seeds from white to garnet. We’ve added a deep, dark blue background to the palette to give it the potency it deserves.

Accessorize or paint this palette in the room in your house where you want great impact.


The true spirit of those who use the palette Avant Garde: They take risks. Breach boundaries. Go to the edge and leap.


If you’re bold, unconventional, supremely individualistic, you don’t need the color wheel as your compass. Because your choices and your combinations are as instinctive as breathing, any direction you take pulsates with the certainty and confidence of a true trailblazer.