We came out with Pinterest Home Trends 2024 in January of this year, where one of the trends mentioned was Cafecore.

Coffee has gotten so big. Just look around you and you will see coffee shops sprouting around the city. Many are downright cute and cozy! For this tita who’s not really into instagrammable spots, the quality of the coffee is paramount. But it does become a special experience to drink really good coffee in charming and delightful surroundings.

For those of you who love the smell and taste of coffee, and the whole vibe that coffee shops give you, we’ve made this color palette and mood board for you to steal and use in your crib.

Our Latest Cafecore Color Palette

Cafecore For A Coffee-Inspired Crib | MyBoysen

This palette includes the color of ripe coffee cherry beans that are growing on the branches, to the color of unroasted coffee beans, to the dark colors of beans that have undergone roasting, down to the color of the coffee in your cup which has been brewed to your liking.

The color palette is warm, earthy, and robust. Here’s a mood board to inspire you even more.

Cafecore For A Coffee-Inspired Crib | MyBoysen

Doesn’t that just put you in the mood to dream about revamping your interiors? You could also just have a coffee corner (your tiny bit of heaven) with these colors for your coffee rituals.

Stumped for ideas about how to make a coffee corner? No worries. We’ve got you. We have several DIY video tutorials to get you going. Click on this playlist. Please note though that the colors we used in the coffee corner videos are different to the ones you find here.

The combination of browns, yellow, and orange really go so well together. The light touches of orange and yellow give the browns a welcoming and snug feel, like hugging a warm, beloved teddy bear when you were a child.

I can imagine the interiors (found in the mood board) may be the witness of long, deep, honest conversations and cuddles with loved ones. It encourages authentic connections, where all can just drop their masks and be themselves. How wonderful to have a space that embraces and comforts, where everyone feels safe.

So if you do feel the need to transform your interiors to have this ambience, feel free to use this color palette.

Four More Blog Posts About Coffee and Coffee Shops

Even before the Pinterest trends came out, two blog posts that talked about coffee shop aesthetics and how to get the look into your home were already published in August last year.

How to Get that Cafe Aesthetic at Home

This one gives some advice on how to get that cafe vibe at home. It offers different color palettes and textures, mostly neutrals. Aside from the usual topcoats, also mentioned are three Boysen product lines—Konstrukt for that industrial finish, Boysen Oil Wood Stains to make wood even more beautiful, and DECORe Perlescente with their metallic finishes that can give interiors a luxe look.

Café Hues: Colors from a Cozy Day with Coffee and Pastries

For this second post, the palettes show colors of coffee, coffee shop interiors, and pastries! Oo nga naman, why keep to colors of coffee only, when you can also have hues from other elements there like FOOD!

Just as the coffee shops you visit use different design styles, you also can choose a palette based on your own coffee experience.

The Many Shades of Coffee

The next two blog posts are from years ago but they are just as interesting.

I wrote this post in 2017. 7 years ago! I had forgotten all about this but only saw it again when I did a search for coffee posts in this blog. It’s short but full of trivia about coffee. Maybe after you read it, you will think about changing your coffee preferences to get healthier.

Get a Neutral Paint Color Palette Based on the Type of Coffee You Drink

Last but not least is this post about getting a neutral paint color palette based on the type of coffee you drink. Curious? Take the quiz! I promise you, it is quite exciting to see what kind of palette you get. I love my result! Here it is!

Black Coffee Palette Result

Click on this link to get to the quiz. It takes just a minute to answer the questions and get your result. You’ll finish the quiz way before you finish your cup of coffee.

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