Rattan making a comeback? Not in this part of the world, and not to me at least, because rattan is what I’d consider a mainstay, and in my eyes, it has never gone out of style. I love the feel, the look, and the organic qualities of this material—it’s durability, flexibility, and sustainability.

If you come from our corner of the world, we don’t think of rattan, and it’s weaving style wicker, as boho chic. We think of it as Filipino. Not for nothing do we have the best artisans for this material that well-known international manufacturers have production facilities here.

Weaving Colorful Dreams This Summer

I wrote that post in 2020, at the height of the pandemic, when we were all cloistered in our own bubbles. It was summer and I wanted a happy, carefree feeling while staying at home. What better way to “leave my condo” and celebrate the laid-back vibe of the beach. Rattan furniture and home decor give me that.

I love the mood boards we made back then. They have a timeless quality to them because rattan is part of our heritage, not a microtrend. I invite you to click on the images above or on this link so that you can look at the 3 mood boards we made back then. Move the slider you find in each image left or right to see the interior space and the mood board that goes with it.

Our Take on the Rattan “Revival”

We made a mood board for you to show you our take on the rattan “revival”.

Cozy, warm, organic, and very welcoming, the colors could be used all over the home. We’ve added a splash of orange to the mix as a nod to Pantone’s color of the year 2024 Peach Fuzz.

I love this kind of a home. It speaks more to me than the minimalist style or even the maximalist style. But to each her own. We’ve written about so many interior design styles in this blog since we started in 2017 to show you that there are so many ways to make your home beautiful. You just need to find a style that fits you and your lifestyle.

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The Rattan “Revival” Paint Color Palette

Ready to infuse this Pinoy flavor into your home? Here’s the paint color palette that you can bring with you when you go visit a Mix and Match station to buy your paints.

The Return Of The Reliable Rattan | MyBoysen

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