Those who like playing Internet games, raise your hands! Well, I’m one of them, and sometimes when I finish one, I say to myself, “Duh! Did I really waste time for that?” But I do quickly forgive myself, and charge those dinky games to experience. I see games as a short energy boost in between intense brain work, similar to popping open the top of a thermos mug to let the coffee, tea, or hot water (for the health buffs, definitely not me) cool down a bit so you don’t scorch your mouth when you drink. I can almost see your eyes rolling as you read this. But I’m serious, this could really be a stress buster, like Candy Crush, the one that you downloaded in 2012, and that you still play for several hours everyday despite the fact that you’re still in Level 1. I’ve focused on the color games that I encountered recently. There are…