Who wants to have such a stark blinding white home that looks like Beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones? Cold, frightening, inhospitable, devoid of color … with a lot of scary creatures to boot who refuse to die!

Then there’s that place called Vormir Shrine in The Avengers where the Soul Stone is kept – desolate, barren, lifeless, except for the face of Red Skull, the stone’s guardian.

So what are the 2019 interior trends for black and white?

The Density and Power of Black

We wrote about black interiors for All Souls Day 2018. That didn’t really resonate with some of our readers – too scary, too dark, too black. But if I may say so, not all the images we used for color inspiration fitted that description. I personally still like those that had wooden features like the kitchens.

The way I feel now, I wouldn’t paint black on my walls even if I love black clothes. I want to be surrounded by light colors and have an easy, breezy look in my personal space. Black is too powerful for that and too dense. It absorbs and does not reflect. But who knows, color tastes keep on evolving anyway so maybe it can still happen that I order the black paint called Genuine Article, Back in Black, or Night Watch to paint an accent wall one of these days.


The spa-inspired bathroom trend has officially returned–back to the spa, that is. These days it’s all about bold, dark, sultry bathroom designs that evoke an indulgent high-end experience.” — Kesha Franklin of Halden Interiors | Source: Elle Decor


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Black bathrooms are in these days. I love that the black color is being paired with a white upper wall (and I can imagine also the ceiling), white marble flooring with black veins – a classic color combination.  The light colors give some breathing room to the intensity of black. The black metro tiles are also textured and glossy which reflects the available light. Check out the brass bathroom fittings including the rainshower; they too reflect light.

Use white bath fixtures which are also a classic and will not go out of style. Just imagine colored washbasins, bathtubs, or toilets. Have you ever seen a home with those? They can make a bathroom look dated so quickly.



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According to designer Studio Sven, this black kitchen is getting “a whole lot of love” in Instagram. Not surprising since black seems to be in again, although I don’t think black will ever be out, just like white.

Brave is what I’d call this renovation. You’d have to be confident and have design skills to pull this off. The amazing thing is that this renovation was done on a very limited budget. How’s that for spectacular results?

For the look, you can get any of the black paint colors above. Just go to any Mix and Match Station closest to you and have your color choice mixed. However, if you want to get the texture of the backsplash, it would be good to know that this was done with Venetian plaster (mix of marble dust and plaster), although I think the Moroccan tadelakt (lime plaster treated with soap) can also be used. However both are expensive to replicate and I am not sure there are skilled craftsmen in the Philippines who can do any of these.

Boysen has a product called SANDINO which can give a similar effect. The application needs the skills of an expert so this is not something for DIY. Give our Technical team a call if you want to know more about the product Sandino, Please call this number (02) 363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours.



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That’s a black wall for this bedroom! But even though the whole wall behind the bed is painted in black, the ambience is not gloomy. Far from it! This bedroom looks sophisticated and cozy! The reason for this effect is the color balance brought about by the colors of the furnishings. See the bed (linens too), the side tables, the carpet, the table lamp and pendant light. The black is echoed as accents (very thin lines in the bed sheet and black colors on the pillow covers). You can also see the black color on the small furniture at the foot of the bed, which I imagine to be black leather with brass legs.

The Lightness and Purity of White

We don’t want a Beyond the Wall white, do we? Nor we want the frosty horns of the Night King. I know I don’t. He scares me too much. Even his blue eyes are too icy to be attractive.

Speaking for myself, I would like the airy, breezy, comfortable, cozy pull of white. Think white clouds, soft down, the sweetness of cream. I imagine it to be like the soft, diffused light of early mornings that makes everything look so fresh and clean.

However, according to Elle Decor, the trend for white in 2019 is “90% WHITE, 10% COLOR”.

There was a moment while I was watching the Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton show by Virgil Abloh that I though…’THIS is it!’ I was inspired by how the collection was built on a foundation of white, but gently unfolded to embrace confident hues with bracing edge. The look was fresh, bold, and youthful. For recent project, I created a bedroom for a young lady that incorporated this trend. Tempered by neutral layers and tons of texture, it’s a design that reflects this “of the moment” color recipe while staying true to the personality of the client.” – Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs | Source: Elle Decor



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Landings need not be boring, especially if near the front door of your homes. Follow this trend of 90% white, 10% color. If you want to use other light neutrals instead of white, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t do that.

The splashes of color come from the cushion, the lower half of the curtain, the artworks, the sunny yellow planter, and the trinket hanging on the door handle. The colors are used sparingly throughout the space which is why it looks very welcoming and not overwhelming.

Living Room


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This living room has got incredible style. That ostrich feather palm tree lamp is whimsical and makes a very clear statement in the space. Echoing the color of the feathers (almost) are the cushions of a rich textured fabric which are paired with lime ones. I like how the feathery coral wall art on top of the door repeats the texture of the feathers.

Designer Todd Klein had this to say about using color in interior spaces.

The biggest mistake people make when they’re trying to be colorful and exciting is to forget that you need to balance it with neutrals – otherwise it ends up looking like a color wheel. – Todd Klein | Source: Country Living

In other words, don’t go overboard; use bright colors sparingly.

More Color Inspirations for Black and/or White

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