Trend forecasters coined the term “hyper-texturality”. They say that in 2023, more homes will use raw, natural materials with the authentic textures of stone, marble, wood, etc.

"Hyper-Texturality" in Your Home | MyBoysen

For many years now, people have preferred to go for what’s natural and organic, not only in food, but also in fashion, lifestyle, interior design, and architecture. The interest has definitely been increasing in the last 3 years ever since we all went through a pandemic.

Speaking of homes, this growing consciousness for authenticity and health manifests itself in the paint colors we choose for our homes, in the interior styles we want our homes to have, the fascination for biophilia, the materials that we want our homes to be made of, and the sustainability of the structures we build.

I have seen works of many architects and interior designers all over the world that show this love for natural materials and textures. Modern Bali architecture like the one above reflects peace, warmth, and comfort.


“We enter 2023 with a lot of uncertainty, and cost of living is a priority,” explains Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at international trend forecasting agency WGSN. “So whatever product or space we are going to interact with will need to be meaningful to engage with, to deliver something beyond the mere item or room.”
– Gemma Riberti, head of interiors at international trend forecasting agency WGSN

Enter “hyper-textuality,” which means the raw composition of natural materials. Riberti says there is a “stronger focus on exaggerated veinings and textures in marble, stone, and wood.”

"Hyper-Texturality" in Your Home | MyBoysen

The smooth and rough textures of the materials provide the drama to this loft space. The natural colors of stone and wood bring the wow factor despite the subdued color palette.

Raw, natural materials usually come with a high price tag. Your best bet would be to explore the locality where your property is situated to see if there are local raw materials worth using.

An example would be this house that Architect Edwin Uy designed. He used volcanic rocks found on-site for the driveway pavement and wall. Click on this link to see the photos.

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