The latest Boysen Color Trend 2024-2025 ASCENSION has four color palettes—Awakening, Alchemy, Abundance, and Artistry. We made animated stories for each palette that show the colors, but more importantly, that tell the sentiment behind the color palette. What is the ethos of each palette? This animated story is for Abundance.

Mr. Jello found his purpose when Sharkie came into their neighborhood, and almost made a meal out of the kids. It became clear to him that he had to teach them how to survive in the wild. He started with the lessons the very next day. He soon realized that whereas before he was going about his days lackadaisically, now he felt joyful.

In this post about color combos from nature, I talked about the consciousness of abundance, and that it is the belief that there is enough wealth, success, and happiness for everyone. Generosity will bring more blessings in life. Gratitude will amplify those blessings.

Pinoys are known for their hospitality. I like this Filipino etiquette of saying “kain tayo,” even to strangers. We find it rude to start eating without inviting others to eat with us, especially when someone visits our home unexpectedly while we are having a meal. This seldom happens in big cities nowadays, but in the rural areas, this is still the practice. Sometimes, it’s a token invitation, and the polite thing to do is to give an excuse like “I just ate.” But if the invitation is given again, chances are it is sincere and it would be polite to accept.

There are so many ways to share—food, time, knowledge, material possession, etc. Just find one that you’re comfortable sharing and that makes you happy doing so.

Abundance Color Palette

Abundance Color Palette of Color Trend 2024-2025: ASCENSION | MyBoysen

The Abundance color palette is bright and vibrant with greens, oranges, and pinks. It’s a perfect palette for a home filled with people who love people. Most probably this home would be where family Sunday lunches or gatherings with the clan, would be held. Or if you’ve moved away from home and have no family in your new city, and you’ve inherited the love for people, you would want to have some friends over spontaneously to your new colorful abode.

This color palette is optimistic and high-spirited. It’s a good match for Sunday’s child, a joyful and giving personality that has the ability to make fast friends and who brings people together.

Color Trend 2024-2025

We’ve made animated stories for all the four palettes in the latest Boysen Color Trend. Check out the other three, including room inspirations, in this link.

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