The BE YOU palette reminds me of lazy rainy mornings when I just want to break away from the craziness and let myself relax – when I just stay in bed all day tucked under warm blankets to watch my favorite TV series for the nth time, to read a book, or to simply vegetate. 

A day off. 

The shades of neutrals and blues bring about a relaxing ambience that is ideal to come home to after a day of immersing ourselves in the sometimes overwhelming reality of existence.

Slow down the hustle train with these condo painting ideas and take the time to breathe easy.

Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette
Disclaimer: These colors may not exactly match actual paint

Neutrals as Colors for Home Interiors

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Neutral colors can do two things. One, it acts as a backdrop that allows a bolder color to become the focus. Two, it tones down the impact of colors in a room, which otherwise may be overpowering on their own. Whether it’s one or the other, neutrals create balance in a space, thus becoming the go-to choice for most people for their home interiors. If you’re having trouble deciding on which color to paint your condo, better invest on neutral tones, and then add pops of color for that extra personality. Having neutral colors in your home doesn’t just bring forth harmony in your place but also provides a visually calming experience, that oasis you would need especially after a hectic day at work.

Neutrals like Strange Brew, Private Stock and Skin Is In, create an inviting atmosphere that offers warmth and comfort. They’re great colors for your living room to also make your guests feel welcome, especially for days when you need to sit down with your peers for late night talks that soothe the soul. For added warmth, pair it with your choice of wood furnishings to achieve a classic yet cozy interior.

Dive Into the Blue

The BE YOU palette offers three different shades of blue – Blue for You, New Breed and Bluegrass Suite. Although different in brightness, intensity and impact, all three can provide the tranquility that you need.

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Condo Painting Ideas: Breathe Easy with the BE YOU Palette

Blue is said to have a calming effect on the body – it lowers blood pressure, slows down heart rate, and reduces anxiety. This color is therefore recommended for those areas in your home where you want to be most comfortable and vulnerable, like your bedroom. Let the blues embrace you whether you are plopped down on your bed or in a cozy armchair, perhaps meditating after making that difficult decision at work.

The BE YOU Palette

The shades of blue exude tranquility as much as it gives a room a vibrant feel, while the lighter colors give an earthy vibe to the space. They are a complementary match to give you a balanced and calming space.

At the end of the day, everyone just wants a refuge, a place where we can walk around naked (literally and figuratively), and feel safe. The BE YOU PALETTE of Boysen Color Trend 2018 offers this freedom that each of us yearn for.

So grab your brushes and paint your walls.  You do you.

A friendly reminder though, that feelings evoked by such colors may not be what you are searching for. You can visit the Boysen Color Trends site to check other palettes and find what suits you best.



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