It’s the love month. What better way to revel in all its tenderness than enveloping yourself in a warm embrace of your favorite person or blanket. Come to think of it, realizing you’re falling for someone kind of resembles dozing off to sleep on a sunny day. It’s unintentional yet beautiful.

Let the overflowing love reflect on your bedroom walls. Treat your den like someone you would want to spend all your nights with and wake up to in the morning. Someone you would be comfortable to share all your late-night musings and breakfasts-in-bed. Invest your time and effort in creating a haven you can’t wait to come home to after a long day at work. Remember that your bedroom isn’t just a space where you sleep, it’s your sanctuary. A place that is solely yours.

Bedroom Color Ideas for Your Restless Heart

Take these bedroom color ideas, bring one to your home, and feel all the love at night. I bet even Cupid might let down his bow and arrow to sleep in.

Love Walks In

Images by Nick Fewing, David Dvoracek, Philippe Bertrand, Camille Brodard, shttefan, and wanderlabs via Unsplash.

Paint your walls with the Pantone Color of the Year for that reassuring touch. See this bedroom filled with stars that symbolize a bright new beginning? Doesn’t it inspire you to recreate yours? New year, new you.


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Boysen Closest Color Match

Love Heals

Images by Toa Heftiba, Joseph Barrientos, Nathan Dumlao, and Serrah Galos via Unsplash.

There’s just something about yellow that brightens up everyone’s mood. Sleeping in this sunshine-colored bedroom is a kind of therapy. It soothes a weary body after a long day. Save this one for your next home makeover. Let the healing rays of sunbeams zap you with its energy.


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Boysen Closest Color Match

Love Stays

Images by Jason Blackeye, Leonardo Sanches, Sebastien Gabriel, and Thomas Ae via Unsplash.

If there’s one color that truly depicts the essence of love, it would be red. Come February and you can see the surroundings turn red in an instant. Dive into the red fever by painting the town red – or you can start with your walls.

Find your best version of red here.


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Boysen Closest Color Match

To fall asleep or to fall in love, that is always the question. I say, why not both? To fall madly yet rightfully in love while having enough hours of sleep because he/she doesn’t demand late-night calls, that is the ultimate goal. Just kidding! The goal is to grow in love, with or without the presence of another human being.

And get at least seven hours of sleep on the daily. You hear me?

Valentines is just around the corner! Whether you’re in a happy relationship or nursing a broken heart, do a little something for your heart. Take this quiz and know how you can celebrate the hearts’ day and get more color ideas for your bedroom.


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