It’s been weeks since Taylor Swift surprised all of us with an album and it hasn’t failed to top all charts and playlists since then. I hear it every day in the office, in the car, and especially at home. I’m not complaining, they’re all great songs, but again it has been almost three weeks of the same sixteen songs on loop. My ears yearn for something else, something fresh. That is why I made this article for all of us who needs a break from all the folklore spectacle.

We made a number of Boysen Beats artist compilation for you to listen to in the past months but there’s plenty more where these talents came from. Follow this link to find out.

Here are more Boysen Beats artists to watch and listen to when you’re looking for new tunes to spice up your playlist. This time, we’re taking a trip down to the Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

Add These Cebuano Acts to Your Playlist Now

Cebu’s music scene is booming with fresh talents that are taking over not just the metro but the whole nation by storm. From EDM to New Wave, they’ve got it all covered. Listen up as they take you to a whole different kind of sound tripping. Unfortunately, the pandemic has halted live gigs and performance so, in the meantime, you can watch them at home for free. Click the image and treat your ears with music from these Cebuano acts.

Route 83

Boysen Beats: Take a Trip Down South | MyBoysen

Route 83 is an electronic pop duo from Cebu that consists of the god-like musical talent of Carlisle Tabañera and Relden Campanilla. The pair is anything but ordinary as they create music that is not only delightful to the ears but also to the hearts of their 84,000 monthly Spotify listeners. They may have gone through totally different journeys before but they’re here now and they’re here to stay and dominate the Cebu music scene with their youthful elan. All roads led them down to this route.

Play Route 83 if you’re into chill pop songs with a heavy emphasis on beat drops for your rooftop parties once you’re allowed to.

Follow their updates here.

Mandaue Nights

Boysen Beats: Take a Trip Down South | MyBoysen

Mandaue Nights puts New Wave music back in the spotlight. The duo composed of Karl Lucente on guitars and Gino Rosales on vocals came from very different musical background. Meeting halfway, they recreate music that mirrors 80s synth-pop and Pinoy alternative rock, paving a new landscape for the Cebuano artists. Get ready for waves of nostalgia rushing through your veins the moment you put their songs on.

Their music will surely bring you back to the nights with no goodbyes and revisit what once was a Super Sonic Love. That’s right, that’s my favorite song from their track.

Check out their Facebook page for new releases.

WonggoysBoysen Beats: Take a Trip Down South | MyBoysen

Gabe, Bill, and Kyle Wong are brothers who are fond of creating cover songs as a pastime. To their delight, the fun opened up doors to a whole new world. Now called the Wonggoys, the brothers rule the Cebuano pop scene with their guitar-driven, emotionally-charged songs to warm each and everyone’s heart. Fun fact: their band name is a playful take on their surname and the nickname their mother gave them, unggoys.

If you’re a fan of John Mayer and Jason Mraz, you’ll love the Wonggoys.

Stay connected with these talented Cebuano boys by following them here.

Three Legged Men

Boysen Beats: Take a Trip Down South | MyBoysenTheir sound alone is a story of its own. Bring in the lyrics and you’ve got yourself an anthology. Three Legged Men has been making love to people’s ears since 2014 and has successfully penetrated the Cebu limelight with their soul-stirring groovy tunes and thought-provoking lyrics. The accompaniment of the saxophone is what completes their set. It gives off the sexy vibrations.

Theirs is what you play during wine night with your partner under a moonlit sky. You will never get enough of it—both the wine and the songs…and definitely not the partner.

Become their fourth leg or whatever suits your fanatic heart. Like and follow their official Facebook page by clicking the link.

Maybe you’ll find yourself in Cebu when things finally get better. For now, enjoy this sensory tour.

Craving for more? Explore different genres of music by visiting or downloading the Studio B App for free. Try this quiz to know what genre of music we think you should listen to based on your unique musical preferences.


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