2020 has been a lot to process. There’s really no way to soften the blow of the past few months. We don’t always have to see the good in every situation, we just have to be there for each other. If you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed, we hope to give you clarity on what inspires you and help you create a space where you can be free to live your passion.

We’ll let the colors do the talking. Read on.

ORIGINS: Honor Your Roots

Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope


The colors of ORIGINS inspire people to live with the rhythm of nature. Like breathing, life is all about giving and taking. To maintain balance, you have to listen to your environment and your body.

Every day, the Earth reminds us that we need to slow down. It’s heating up and it demands to be taken care of before it’s too late. Your body is like that too. It knows when it has had enough. It shuts down and whispers to you that it needs to pause.

Rest time is not a passive act; it’s not merely the emptying of mind but an awareness of where you are. Once you know where you stand, it’s easy to take the right steps. When you’re relaxed and well-rested, you make the right decisions and you give your energy to the right causes.

Enliven Your Home with the ORIGINS Palette

NOSTALGIA: Cherish the Past

Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope | MyBoysen

Reimagine your precious and joyful memories with the vivid and vibrant colors of NOSTALGIA.

The truth about the “good old times” is that you don’t realize that they are the good times while they were happening. You often realize that some events in your life are remarkable later on. Nostalgia is the desire to relive those moments and to fully immerse in them because one has failed to appreciate them while they were happening. Notice how people are nostalgic about some snacks that they barely ate, the naps that they didn’t take when they were younger, and the boredom in the afternoon that they used to detest. Now, they’ve realized that ice gem biscuits are tasty, that naps are the cure to overwhelming days, and that boredom is a luxury in a world that’s always visually stimulated.

Come Home to the Lyrical Palette of NOSTALGIA

KINSHIP: Unity in Diversity

Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

This palette of neutrals with bright yellow and purple will soften your heart. In these tough times, people need more gentleness and tolerance towards one another. Let your heart guide you to the right group. You’ll find yourself drawn to people who are ready to listen to your stories of defeat more than your victory—these are the people you feel a kinship with.

Be careful with who you share your experiences. In friendships, quality holds more weight than quantity. Do not hesitate to cut off relationships that are hurting you. You’ll feel much lighter once you stop talking to people who don’t really have your best interest at heart.

If you have no choice but to stay with people you don’t agree with, this season might be teaching you how to love and respect others. It’s easy to be kind to your friends but it’s difficult to deal with people you don’t agree with. You might not always see eye to eye with them about politics or religion, but you don’t have to share the same views to respect them. Learn to protect your inner peace. You don’t have to be right or have the last say all the time. Some battles are just not worth your time and energy.

The Message of the KINSHIP Palette in Today’s World

META: Seek the Truth

Boysen Color Trend 2020: Colors that Give Clarity and Hope

META calls for mindfulness. This is a season to unlearn the habits that harm you. In order to do that, you have to be aware of your thought patterns. When you’re mindful, you can label your negative thoughts and interrupt anxious thinking whenever you have them. Admit to yourself that you have fears, and avoid judging yourself for having them.

META also inspires reflection and healing. Its colors give off healing vibrations that help you find a sense of peace in the midst of chaos. Its calming hues whisper questions that trigger self-reflection. Why do you believe what you believe? What are your intentions? These questions nudge you in the right direction and help you examine your heart. It’s okay if you don’t have the answers yet. It takes time to learn what’s good for you.

The META Color Palette in the New Normal

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Yasmin Aguila is a copywriter at Boysen Paints Philippines. Interested in making paints fun and relatable, she produces quizzes and painting ideas for this blog. She claims that she is obsessed with yellow, but she always dresses in black from head to toe.


  1. Gdam.ano pong kulay ang lalabas pag ihalo ang white at black…yellow at red….white at yellow..actry color……..tapos pag sa kahoy din……Black at red…..yellow at black….white at yellow…..

    • Eto iyong sagot ng aming Comms, email was sent to you directly, Sally. Para mas madali makarating ang sagot mo, please send your answers directly to ask@myboysen.com.


      Hi Sally.

      Thank you for your message and for following us at Let it B.

      Para sa iyong inquiry, depende po sa dami ng colorants na ihahalo sa puting pintura ang kulay na matitimpla. Halimbawa: Sa paghahalo ng yellow at white, kung mas maraming yellow ang ihahalo, mas madilim na shade ng light yellow ang lalabas.

      Sa paggamit ng tinting colors, friendly reminders:
      1. Hinahalo ito sa puting pintura para magtimpla ng light to medium shades. Hindi po ito pinapahid directly sa substrate.

      2. Para sa dark colors, magpatimpla sa aming Mix and Match Stations para sa latex paints (ex: BOYSEN Permacoat Latex) o magplace ng special order sa accredited dealers para sa ibang klaseng pintura (ex: BOYSEN Quick Drying Enamel).

      3. Huwag lalagpas sa maximum ratio na 1:16 ang ihahalong tinting color. Ibig sabihin, sa 1 gallon na pintura, 250 mL na total colorants lang ang pwedeng ihalo dito.

      Salamat po.

      Pacific Paint (BOYSEN) Philippines, Inc.

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