Philippine rains can be torrential which makes preparing for the rainy season a must for every household. For new homes, this can include choosing construction and paint products specifically for keeping water and moisture out. For older homes, this means checking for holes and cracks in exterior walls and the roof, then carrying out the necessary repair work if any. To keep you warm and dry indoors when it’s wet outside, here are Boysen products that can help:

1. Boysen Acrytex

Homes in High Humidity Areas: Waterproofing and Painting Guide | MyBoysen


The iconic Boysen Acrytex turtle confidently sang, “Who’s afraid of La Nińa? Who’s afraid of signals 1, 2, 3?” Well, not homeowners who have Boysen Acrytex on their exterior walls for sure. Rains do just roll over surfaces painted with this product well-known for its durability and dependability.

Boysen Acrytex, an acrylic solvent-based coating, is specially formulated to be a long-lasting paint product that helps protect homes from heavy rains. It does this by forming a watertight, non-porous film that can repel water and prevent seepage. Plus, it can also serve as a moisture sealant for concrete and a stain inhibitor for wood.

It’s recommended to be used on new concrete or concrete previously painted with Boysen Acrytex, otherwise, old paint will have to be scraped off. Boysen Acrytex comes in flat, semi-gloss, and gloss finish in white. To achieve other colors, it can be tinted using Acrytex Tinting Colors at a ratio of 1:16.

For additional details on Boysen Acrytex, click here. More technical information can be found at such as surface preparation, painting schedule, dry time, and more.

2. Boysen Plexibond

Homes in High Humidity Areas: Waterproofing and Painting Guide | MyBoysen

Let It B has several blog posts on Boysen Plexibond because it remains a sought-after product. If you need cementitious waterproofing, rest assured that Boysen Plexibond is a reliable go-to. It provides excellent water resistance and eliminates water seepage—the perfect protection for the rainy season.

Upon application, it creates a seamless, impenetrable layer that disperses any water upon contact, making it ideal for positive side waterproofing. Positive side waterproofing means applying waterproofing measures on the side of the wall that comes in direct contact with moisture or water.

Use Boysen Plexibond by mixing it with Portland cement and applying it on bare concrete that has not been previously painted. If the surface has been painted, the old paint will have to be scraped off, and the surface prepped before Boysen Plexibond is applied.

For additional details on Boysen Plexibond, click here. More technical information can be found at such as mixing ratio, surface preparation, and application schedule.

3. Boysen Roofgard

Boysen Products for the Rainy Season: Watertight, Durable, and More | Myboysen

In the Philippines, one day it’s scorching hot and the next there’s a downpour. That’s just life in a tropical country and you need roof paint that can keep up whatever the weather. Enter Boysen Roofgard, an acrylic water-based roof paint.

What makes Boysen Roofgard good at what it does is its excellent adhesion to your roof’s surface. This ensures that the paint film remains intact for a longer period of time and therefore helps protect your roof from rusting. (Rusting is one surefire way to get holes and leaks.) Moreover, the film is thermoplastic which means it remains flexible without cracking or peeling whether it’s sunny or raining.

Boysen Roofgard also provides excellent UV resistance and good gloss retention so your paint will retain its original color for many years. Boysen Roofgard comes in a glossy finish in a range of colors. Remember to follow proper surface preparation procedures before painting your roof to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Boysen Products for the Rainy Season: Watertight, Durable, and More | MyBoysen

For additional details on Boysen Roofgard, click here. More technical information can be found at including surface preparation, painting schedule, and more.

Stay safe and dry, DIYers. Happy painting! If you have questions regarding Boysen products, feel free to reach out to our technical team at or call (02) 8363-9738 local 413 to 418 during office hours for a one-on-one consultation.


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  1. Cepheus I. Quinones Reply

    Hi. Factory painted ang yero ko. Dark blue and kulay kaya ng init. Bumili ako ng Boysen Cool Shades na reflective white. Sabi ng pintor, kailangan daw munang lasunin yung yero para kumapit yung pintura. Also, nagtataka siya kung puwede ba talaga ang Cool Shades pambubong gayong ang water-based paint tulad ng Cool Shades ay pang baldosa lamang. Please advise. Salamuch.

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