Maybe people have been triggered by the typhoons and storms that visit our country yearly, which have raised awareness that waterproofing our homes is essential. Hence, our communication and technical teams get inundated (pun intended) with questions about BOYSEN® Plexibond™ Cementitious Waterproofing System.

So here is another article on the public’s current favorite.

Taking the Mystery out of Boysen Plexibond

There is nothing much sexy about Plexibond, unless you consider reliability and durability sexy. And I guess they are, especially if you are looking for a partner.

However, Plexibond already has a lifelong partner and they cannot exist without each other. Guys, meet Plexibond’s partner, Portland Cement. We cannot break them apart unfortunately. So no matter how many questions we get from readers whether they can use Plexibond as a stand-alone product, the answer will always be NO. Let’s keep the bond between them, shall we? And move on na tayo from splitting them up. #mayforever #partnersforlife

How to Use Boysen Plexibond

The first-ever post about our star was written in July 2017. Click on the image below to read the post.

How to use Boysen Plexibond – Waterproofing Your Roofs and Walls

The original post only had a short blurb for the video because I thought that was enough. But I added more paragraphs and links to more recent articles because readers found only the first article during their searches and not the more recent ones. But this didn’t help, hence this compilation.

Product Highlight: Boysen Plexibond

Product Highlight: Boysen Plexibond

This product highlight was written in May 2019. In this post, we explained how Plexibond could be your partner in preventing water leakage problems in your home. We showed how this product could be used in applications on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The use of a topcoat was highly recommended for maximum durability. We gave suggestions on what topcoats can be used.

But still the questions kept coming.

Plexibond Dos and Don’ts

Boysen Plexibond Dos and Don’ts

This post written on October 2019 focuses on the application process of Boysen Plexibond and what the dos and don’ts are for its application. Pinipilit niyong paghiwalayin si Plexibond at Portland Cement. Please don’t dahil may iiyakikaw yun.

Another important thing to note is that Plexibond should be used on the positive side of the wall, which means the side where the water comes from.  But…but…BUT hindi pwedeng magswimming si Plexibond unfortunatelySo it cannot be used for pools and ponds.

Waterproof Your Home with Plexibond

Waterproof Your Home with Boysen Plexibond

In June this year, we came out with another Plexibond post in answer to the many questions that poured in (pun intended again) maybe because of the rainy season. Understandable.

There were questions again from readers if they could use Plexibond only. Di nagbabago sagot namin. NO pa rin. Boysen Plexibond is in a lifelong relationship with Portland Cement. Their chemistry is needed to provide you leak-free, moisture-free surfaces.

Also important to note is that this cementitious coating can only address hairline cracks and not crevices, splits, or chasms.

Plexibond is NOT a Stand-Alone Product

No, You Can’t Use Boysen Plexibond on Its Own

From June to September, we got a downpour (pun na naman, you get the drift) of questions about the independence of Plexibond. PlexPort sila, guys. They are forever bonded. Only with this unbreakable partnership can they face a world of storms and come out dry.

Kaya kung gusto ninyo silang paghiwalayin, kayo rin ang magdudusa. 

Always and forever ang relationship nila.

Boysen Plexibond Quiz

Quiz: Flex your Boysen Plexibond knowledge!

In end-October this year, we thought we should come out with this quiz to test your Plexibond knowledge. We don’t get your quiz results so we cannot assess if our posts about PlexPort have helped. Parang no because the questions keep coming.

This is actually a luxury problem for us, and we are aware that the nature of the product and the gravity of the problems it can possibly solve are too important for our clients. And if we talk about our homes, then of course, we want what’s best. We want to keep dry during the rainy season. We want to keep our families safe from storms. We get it.

So here is an offer that countless others have accepted.

Call our Technical Team

Social media can only do so much. We do answer questions on this blog and our other social media channels as quickly as we can. Halos hindi na natutulog community manager namin. But social media and even email has one big disadvantage. There is a time lag when you have to wait for your answers. Oftentimes this is not convenient for you, especially for a product like Plexibond, where a discussion is what’s called for.

Call our Technical Team, guys. They are such a friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable bunch. Just pick up the phone and dial (02) 8363-9738 local 417 to 418 during office hours. You will then be able to talk to a Boysen expert (not AI, not a call center person) who can help you with your Plexibond challenge.

They won’t leave you high and dry. Promise.

P.S. If you want to send a message in any of our social media channels, you are most welcome to do so. We will send you your answers as always.


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.


  1. ilang taon o buwan poh ba tatagal ang bisa ng boysenplexibond

    • Ang common repainting interval ay nasa 5 years. Pero hindi ibig sabihin nito na wala ng bisa o hindi na effective ang waterproofing ng BOYSEN Plexibond pagkatapos ng 5 taon.

      Kung okay pa naman ang waterproofing, at walang problema sa substrate, hindi naman kailangan mag-reapply ng BOYSEN Plexibond.

      Reminder lang po na maraming factors ang kailangan isaalang-alang, tulad ng condition ng environment, weathering, current condition ng structure at iba pa.

  2. In short, sa Boysen Plexibond and Portland Cement…may forever!?

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