Working or studying outside the home or office? Café. Meeting up with a close friend? Café. Taking a breather from life? Café. Sure, the drinks can get expensive but that also comes with being able to nestle in the cozy, inviting, and deceptively intimate atmosphere unique to coffee shops. There’s really nothing else quite like it.

Order your latte with a slice of cake, connect your device to the Wi-Fi, and stay for hours. Tara, kape muna. Here are color palettes inspired by that alluring coffee shop vibe.


Café Hues: Colors from a Cozy Day with Coffee and Pastries | MyBoysen
Images by The Anchor and Rezha Ramahdhan on Unsplash

Though no two coffee shops look exactly alike, a lot of them do share similar characteristics when it comes to interiors. You may have noticed it yourself! There is a preference, for example, for wood whether in light or dark finishes, especially for tables, chairs, and even countertops. Wood is a natural material that gives warmth to a space. Compare it to, say, plastic which can seem colder.

You’ll find no harsh lighting either. Huge windows streaming in lots of sunlight are typical for coffee shops. And, for light fixtures, you’ll rarely find white fluorescent overhead lighting. It’s usually a warm glow from hanging pendant lights or recessed lighting. The color scheme varies too but it’s not usually in bright, bold colors. Deep, earthy, and cozy colors are preferred. This includes that iconic emerald green.


Café Hues: Colors from a Cozy Day with Coffee and Pastries | MyBoysen
Images by tabitha turner on Unsplash

These days, you can get a wide variety of drinks at cafés. Not just confined to coffee anymore, you might be able to order teas, fruit juices, hot chocolate, and other inventive concoctions. Because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s not the right time of day to be loading up on caffeine. Not all of us are coffee drinkers either. Even if this is so, we must pay homage to coffee.

Coffee, one of the most drank beverages in the world, is treasured by many and beloved for its ability to wipe the sleep from our eyes in the morning. We greet the new day with a warm (or iced) cup, savoring the smell as we take the first sip. Whether you like yours black or with milk and sugar doesn’t matter. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to sing praises to coffee.


Café Hues: Colors from a Cozy Day with Coffee and Pastries | MyBoysen
Images by Micheile dot com and Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Masarap ‘yan sa kape! “What is?” you might ask. Well, just about anything sweet. Special mention goes to cakes, bread, doughnuts, cookies, and waffles! Settle down at a table by the window to eat a slice of cake with your drink of choice. No need to rush, there’s time to spare. In that moment, everything else blurs and the world is a happier place, don’t you agree?

Dainty, light, and soft pastries are a delight all on their own. It feels like you’re receiving a little present whenever they have your favorite kind at your usual coffee shop. When it comes to colors, pastels best fit sweet treats as well. In fact, they say pink can make whatever delight you’re eating seem even sweeter. Pile on the pink frosting, please!

Paint in Café Colors

Liked any of the colors featured in the mood boards above? You can get them as paint at your nearest Boysen Mix and Match station (list of locations here)! Just be sure to see a sample of the color in person as digital swatches can appear differently when viewed through a screen. Happy painting!

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Feature image by Rizky Subagja on Unsplash 


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