What are the lucky colors for the Chinese New Year?

  1. Jade Green
  2. Red
  3. Gold
  4. Blue

Colors have been influencing various cultures throughout the centuries. In Chinese culture, particularly Feng Shui, colors are used in unique ways. It can directly affect the flow of energy in your home and can create balance when used correctly. For this Chinese New Year, use colors to achieve perfect balance in your home. Here are the lucky colors you can use today.

Jade Green

Jade stones

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Green and light green represent one of the five elements in Feng Shui. These colors symbolize the wood element. The wood element has a strong presence anyone should try out for a solid and aesthetically pleasing home. Adding a splash of green to your walls will instantly create refreshing, lush open interiors.

Jade green can be paired with a lot of ornaments and plants. These plants do not have to be limited to your living room. An assortment of aromatic herbs in the kitchen can add a warm and cozy element alongside your jade green walls. Lucky Bamboo is also a popular wood element plant to try out. These plants have an air-purifying element that emphasize positive and pure energy.

Who can forget wood statues, ornaments, and figurines? These ornaments are an easy way to amp up the wood energy at home. It’s earthy and can work in areas where too many plants are not an option. It’s also perfect to pair with a bedroom painted in green wood element shades.


A white room with red walls

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Fire energy might just be what you need for the Chinese New Year. Red is a strong color best used subtly. A shade of wine red or orange-red is still fiery without being too much. Avoid fire truck reds as these can be too bright and might not fit your interiors well. If you want to go for bold with bright red tones, choose to paint an accent wall. For a subtle sheen, choose a semi-gloss texture.

Popular decorative items you can combine with the fire element are vases of different heights. Another way you can decorate with red tones is to use textiles. Pillows, rugs, and curtains in these fiery colors are visually pleasing. You can also try using natural fabrics like burlap for added texture.

You can have red-colored furniture as well. It’s potent and earthy. It can energize any boring room and can instantly make it look chic and well-designed. Choose a sofa with a subdued red tone and brown upholstery for extra comfort and warmth.


Gold bars

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Gold and yellow gold represent the earth element in Feng Shui. It’s easy to bring this into your home through wall painting. Choose a mustard yellow or a ruddy golden tone to tie the earth to any room in your home. It’s nearly impossible to go overboard with gold if you choose a semi-gloss or a sponge painting effect. The key is to keep it natural with other decorative elements.

Want to add another layer of depth to your gold or mustard yellow walls? Decorate your surfaces with rock crystals, geodes, and clusters. These natural stones are known to add a healing element to its environment. Feng Shui experts use it to absorb negative energy and promote luck. However, if you are not a believer in this, the added shine is still a good decorative choice.

Lighting is another important aspect of Feng Shui. In any interior design, lighting can make or break the look. Look for fixtures that can create a well-lit environment while still being modern. Check out crystal chandeliers and copper tone lamps for some staple lighting options. After lighting, make it fancy with some tapestry. Use natural fibers to tie into the earth element alongside your lighting, natural stones, and wall paint.


Blue walls with a red chair

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The water element represents cleanliness. If you want that kind of energy in your home, the best choice would be clear blue-colored walls. You have a variety of shades to choose from, namely, cerulean, aquamarine, ultramarine, and more.

The color blue has a way of calming a room. It can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. For places of rest, you can go for deep shades or light shades depending on your preferences. But, if you want to concentrate in your home office, choose a light blue color to help you stay focused and awake.

Did you know that mirrors can be used in the water element as well? Mirrors can change the flow of energy in any space you put it in. Skip putting mirrors in the bedroom or behind your desk as this does not promote auspicious energy. Aside from mirrors, curtains are a visually pleasing way to add an element of water to your home. Blackout curtains will work great for sunny rooms and can shield you from harmful rays when the midday sun comes around.

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Key Takeaway

These 2020 Chinese New Year colors are a spectacular way to bring luck and prosperity into your home. Remember to keep it subtle in order to maximize the elements while maintaining the principles of interior design. Try these colors for your interiors and attract the luck and good energy of 2020 now!


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