Sometimes you don’t have a full day to clean the house. Even if you did, you would likely not want to waste it on cleaning, right? This infographic from Half Price takes you through how you can make your house look a whole lot better if you have an hour to spare. It won’t look amazing after, but it will look much better than it did before.

As we all know, cleaning can be a bit boring, so it is often a good idea to get your favorite playlist on before you begin – this will help to make the time go a bit more quickly. Cleaning at speed can also be a bit of a workout so throw on some old comfy clothes and trainers as well.

Then you simply go from room to room using your allotted time to do as much as you can. Try to focus on the most problematic areas. For example, in the living/dining room make dusting a priority, especially around the TV and electronics as they gather dust quickly.

The benefits of a clean home are massive and ideally you should look to clean on a more regular basis. A clean home is a healthy home and will lower your risk of getting sick. Find out more information in the infographic.

Cleaning your home in less than an hour

This is a Guest Post from Tane Clark of HalfPrice.com.au.






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