In case you haven’t seen the reels in Boysen’s Facebook and Instagram pages yet, let me introduce the Color Wanderer. It’s a cool way to get inspired by colors. It just shows that everything is inspiration, not only interior design or architectural magazines and pages. You can go out now and if you allow it, the places you see, whether you’re on vacation, driving around the city, or just walking around your neighborhood, can be sources of inspiration too.

Ever wonder why a place fascinates you? It may be about the meaning of the place to you, vibes, energy, or aesthetics. Sometimes, it’s something as tangible as getting attracted to the colors in your surroundings. This is what Boysen’s Color Wanderer is all about.

The team came up with several reels in the past months. Here are some of them.

San Juan, La Union


Boysen Color Wanderer, San Juan, La Union | MyBoysen

Our sunsets are spectacular. Nothing beats watching the sun go down by the beach. You almost hear the plop when the sun slowly disappears in the horizon. It goes quickly too. But the colors remain longer. They may change and darken as the minutes tick by.

Here’s a living room that got its color inspiration from a trip to the beach. These neutrals give an understated glow to the space.

BGC, Taguig

Boysen Color Wanderer, BGC, Taguig | MyBoysen

Bonifacio Global City, a.k.a. BGC. It’s a modern urban development, also a financial business district, with posh residential and commercial areas. Traffic may be horrendous during rush hour, but that inconvenience does not stop residents, office denizens, and visitors enjoy its modern and lively ambience.

The color palette may be similar to that of San Juan, La Union, but the more saturated orange from the night lights is more intense than the lambent glow of the setting sun of the beach up north.


For the Batangas reel, I invite you to click on this FB link to bring you the red tones of a Batangas beach scene during sunset.Boysen Color Wanderer, Batangas | MyBoysen

This color palette is inspired from the luminous hues seen at this time when day turns into night. The red undertones make this palette more vibrant than the two previous ones. The first two colors veer towards sienna. Use cream, light yellow, warm grays as accent colors.

Coron, Palawan

Boysen Color Wanderer, Coron, Palawan | MyBoysen

Moving away from the first three color palettes that are brown, red, or cream combinations, we have this color palette inspired by the colors found in Coron, Palawan. Look at this FB reel that was the source for this creative color combination.

This kitchen is a great reminder to get your days off to a refreshing start.

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Open your eyes to the world around you the next time you’re out of the house. You don’t need to be in a picturesque place to get inspired by the colors surrounding you. You just need to open your senses and be attuned to the moment. And wait…don’t look at the world through a camera lens. Not everything has to be digitally recorded. You just need to fire up your muscle memory, and remember the colors that gave you goosebumps. Alright then, if you want a record of that moment, then do make your snapshot or video.

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Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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