There are just some places that normal architectural paint isn’t cut out for. I’m talking about humid and usually wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. Constant exposure to water sources can cause paint failures even for the most perfect of paint applications. For these types of areas, it’s best to go with tiles. Tiles are some of the easiest materials to maintain if installed properly. It’s commonly used in bathrooms where it’s wet and humid most of the time. Tiles come in so many interesting shapes and fun colors, too! Forego the usual square and off-white ones with some unique options. Check out some of these tile inspirations below.

Bright and Poppin’

Slaving at the kitchen for hours can be daunting. Just think of all the dishes you have to wash right after! Create a cheery atmosphere in there by choosing a zesty shade of yellow tile. Make it even more interesting by choosing a herringbone pattern like the Instagram photo above.

Scallops, Anyone?

Take mirror selfies to the next level by going with the super trendy scallop pattern for your bathroom tiles. There’s just something so mesmerizing about this pattern that makes it hard to peel your eyes away from it. All those curvy shapes, combined with a soothing blue hue, makes for a relaxing me-time in the shower.

Keep it Fun

Maybe you have kids in the house. Or, perhaps, you’re a kid at heart yourself. Whatever it may be, you can never go wrong with such a fun tile pattern such as this one. Pick any pattern that your heart desires, it doesn’t have to be Pacman! This makes getting up to shower in the morning extra fun, don’t you think?

Make it Last!

Choosing the perfect tiles and patterns for your living space is the fun part. How do you get them on your walls, though? With Konstrukt Tileworks. Aside from skimcoats and other surface preparation products, Konstrukt also offers a line of products for the installation of tiles, Tileworks!

Konstrukt Tileworks consists of two products.

K-302 All-Purpose Tile Adhesive is a cement-based adhesive formulated for the installation and fixing of ceramic tiles on horizontal (floors) or vertical (walls) concrete surfaces. For heavier duty applications like the installation of bigger tiles or tile-on-tile applications, add in K-321 Tile Adhesion Promoter to the mix. Click here to learn more about these products.

Like with our other Konstrukt applications (like Konstrukt Lunar Series!), this product is still best applied by seasoned professionals. It takes certain skill and finesse to properly install tiles. Best to leave this one to the pros.

Do you have any further questions about our Konstrukt Tileworks line of products? Want more tile inspirations? Send us an email at We’re always happy to help! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for weekly email updates with super fun DIY activities and color inspirations. Happy tiling!


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