We’ve featured our Konstrukt line of surface preparation products here in the blog, and for good reason! Surface preparation is the key to a smooth, fuss-free painting project. This time, we’re not highlighting Konstrukt as your go-to in surface preparation chemicals (though it is and should be!), but in decorative faux finishes as well.

Industrial Finish in Design

Industrial, cement-finish walls in homes and establishments has been around for years. Places such as restaurants, cafes, boutique hotels, and even private residences have figured out different ways to make the finish look more warm and inviting, even if the finish looks cold and rigid at first glance.

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to Industrial Finishes

This type of wall finish looks great with a lot of indoor plants, warm lighting, wooden fixtures, exposed pipes and metal beams, or maybe neon lights to be really fancy. It’s fairly popular in the Home Décor side of Instagram or Pinterest as well. A lot of designers have been using the cement finish as a backdrop for the stark white porcelain sheen of washbasins or bathtubs.

Cement finishes are often defined with the term “industrial.” But the aesthetic of it is actually quite versatile. It mixes well with more recently popular interior aesthetics such as cottage-core due to its rustic, “undone” look. The finish also ties together rattan and bamboo accents in creating a dreamy beach Bali getaway feel for your living space.

We’ve actually featured a beautiful home which showcases the different uses of Konstrukt. Read the article here.

The Origins of Konstrukt Lunar Series

Our specifiers have already been using our Konstrukt skimcoats and renders to create unique decorative finishes on their projects for years now. Yes, these products were formulated primarily for the purpose of surface preparation. But, we’ve heard you. We’ve seen the amazing results. And finally, we’ve decided to gasp make it official with our own line of decorative cement faux finishes, Konstrukt Lunar Series.

Konstrukt Lunar Series: A Guide to Industrial Finishes
Image by Sanni Sahil – Unsplash

Konstrukt Lunar Series is inspired by the different phases of the moon. Look up at the sky when the nights are clear. The moon looks vastly different at any given day of the month. Sometimes the moon looks bright, powerful, and whole. Yet there are days when it is dark and muted, blending in with the blackness of space. While the moon is but a single entity, it offers numerous ways for us to admire its beauty.

As with the moon, Konstrukt Lunar Series is the same set of surface preparation chemicals but applied in various novel ways to come up with several unique decorative finishes.

What is Konstrukt Lunar Series?

Konstrukt Lunar Series is the culmination of the ingenuity of architects and interior designers. These professionals have found ways to use these surface preparation chemicals as decorative finishes for their projects. With these insights, our Konstrukt team and R&D department have come up with a set quintessential decorative finishes using Konstrukt products.

There are nine finishes under the series: Kavern, Koastal, Kaza, Koral, Korona, Kaiser, Kashmir, Kanyon, and Kohl. (Yes, we’re on a roll with the ‘K’!) You can achieve all these distinct looks by using standard Konstrukt line of products. Maybe there are some leftovers from your home renovation or painting project. Now is the perfect time to put them to good use!

Working with Konstrukt products might not be as simple as repainting your walls. We promise to break down the steps in achieving each finish to be as simple as possible, but a seasoned or trained professional might be the best option for this type of project. We’ll be having nine more posts for Konstrukt Lunar Series—one for each finish. This is just a teaser for what’s about to come. Stay tuned!

Explore the Konstrukt line by clicking this link.


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