There are four palettes in Ascension, the theme of Boysen Color Trend 2024-25. There’s Awakening, Alchemy, Artistry, Abundance. Today, we turn our focus to Awakening and the colors in the palette.

What is Awakening

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

It can be easy to lose ourselves in the routine of our everyday lives. Sometimes seemingly on autopilot, we go through our day following a familiar and comfortable rhythm. Don’t let life just pass you by.

Rub the sleep from your eyes. Fully awaken and experience the world as it truly is. Life is more vivid and real than we often realize. When we awaken, we have a heightened awareness and understanding of the complexities within ourselves, the beauty of the world around us, and the interconnectedness of everything.

Awakening for Your Home

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen
Stylish composition of cozy living room interior design with copy space, corner sofa, coffee table, textile and personal accessories. Scandinavian classic style.

Remember to take it slow and appreciate your place in the world. There is much to discover and behold. Use the Awakening palette as a reminder.

“Bring the softly glowing colors of dawn into your home. Let the peaceful hues wash over you as you serenely begin your day,” reads the Color Trend website.

The Colors of the Awakening Color Palette

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The Awakening color palette is composed of hues inspired by the gentle rising of the sun at dawn. Find here pale shades of orange, yellow, violet, and gray that mimic the sky during this time. The earth and nature are represented by a deep green and brown.

BCT24-7022S Calm Mind

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

Notice your breathing and take deeper breaths if needed. Find that when you have a calm mind you have better control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. A clear head makes way for a clear path. Calm Mind goes well with neutral furniture and décor.

BCT24-7446S Hazy Dream

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

Though understated, Hazy Dream is a silent scene-stealer. Soothing to the eyes, it can be a hard color to pin down. Your house guests may enjoy looking at it and discussing what hue it could be. Here’s what you tell them: Hazy Dream is a cool gray with purple undertones.

BCT24-7747S Golden Hour

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

Orange can be an intimidating color to paint at home. Golden Hour is a good starting place if you want to try. It’s a pastel orange the color of melons and the light that peaks through at sunrise. Complement it with Hazy Dream.

BCT24-7209S Soulful Solace

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

If you’re looking for an alternative to white, cream won’t disappoint. Soulful Solace lets other colors shine while simultaneously tying everything together for a cohesive-looking home. It’s a no-brainer paint color choice.

BCT24-7814S Grounding

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

Brown is the color of the earth. A grounding hue, it’s associated with stability and dependability. In a room with brown, one feels a sense of safety and security. Homes with a midcentury modern interior design style will suit it well.

BCT24-7518S Quiet Meditations

Create a Restful Home with the Awakening Palette | MyBoysen

Not a green thumb? Fill the greenery gap in your home with Quiet Meditations. It’s a pine green shade that brings style and refinement to a room. Try it in a dining area but it will also work well in a bathroom or study.

If you liked Alchemy, don’t forget to check out the rest of the palettes in Boysen Color Trend 2024/25 Ascension. Head to the Boysen Color Trend website to see them all. They’re also available to view in person at Boysen’s The Color Library. Get all the colors from the Ascension collection there and at Boysen Mix and Match stations.


Jill is a writer on a continuous journey to learn about paint and share them with you, the reader. She has an interest in the technical side of things but also thoroughly enjoys playing with colors. She likes calm greens, quiet blues, and mellow yellows best.

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