Holy Week is upon us soon so let’s dial down the bright and vibrant paint colors to subdued ones.

Subdued paint colors can create a relaxing ambience for your home, something that we all need with the scorching heat that usually comes during this time of year.

Examples of subdued paint colors are near-neutrals.

Beautiful Near-Neutrals for a Relaxing Home | MyBoysen

Near-Neutral Paint Colors

Pure neutral colors black, white, brown, gray are considered to be a pure color because they are fully saturated and have no color undertones.

Near-neutral colors are a combination of a pure color (primary colors red, yellow, blue) and a pure neutral color. These hues have a low saturation and a hue undertone. For example, you will see an undertone of yellow in olive green.

Pure color + pure neutral color = near-neutral color

The subdued paint color palette above are light and fresh. However, subdued paint colors may also go deeper, like sage or blue gray.

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Near Neutrals

White-painted walls are still so popular. #Teamputi is alive and kicking. I don’t think this color will ever go out of style because it is easy to decorate a room painted white. Also, it opens up a space and gives it a clean and fresh look. For rooms that have little to no natural light, white-colored walls are the answer.

Choosing white paint is also a very easy thing to do. It’s not surprising that Boysen Tulle White continues to be the all-time favorite paint.

However, you don’t have to stick to white. You can go for other light neutrals, which may be warm (like those with yellow, orange, or pink undertones), or cool (like those with blue, purple, or green undertones).

A warm neutral could be beige and tan. A cool neutral could be taupe or greige.

Alternatives to White: Paint Your Interiors Beige or Greige

Why Choose Near-Neutrals

Painting your walls with near-neutral colors have many advantages:

  1. The most obvious one is that these colors are visually restful because of the lack of color saturation. If you want a maaliwalas home in this hot climate, near-neutrals are your friends.
  2. These hues make it easy to build on the tone so you can play around with your choice of accent colors. Updating to a trendy interior is easier.
  3. Choosing textures and patterns is also relatively easy with these hues.
  4. Many different design styles like rustic, modern, industrial, or Scandi, can go with these.
  5. Your treasured possessions will shine with these colors as your backdrop.
  6. Unlike trendy colors that may go out of style, near-neutrals have longevity and can last a long time.

Colors for a Relaxing Home

We all want our homes to be relaxing and inviting. Near-neutral paint colors can help you achieve that effect. We’ve chosen only six colors in the palette above, but there are so many more near-neutrals that Boysen offers. The Boysen Color Palette off-whites alone number 32. These are light neutrals that are delicate and subtle, and can be used in your interiors and exteriors.

Visit any Boysen Mix and Match Station in the country. Click on this link to find a station that is closest to you. Ask to see the Boysen Color Palette fan deck.


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