I’m sure everyone will agree; we only show the world a part of us that we want to be seen. Especially on Instagram. 

As someone who grew up in the social media generation, I admit that having a perfect Instagram feed is somewhat a necessity. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. To have a digital version of the photo albums we grew up with, we like keeping the memories alive. In this quiz, you can curate your own Instagram feed (as if you don’t already have one) and get one of the four Boysen Color Trend 2019 palettes.

Use the palette to spruce up your space this coming new year and for sure, your visitors will definitely double-tap. 

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What is your favorite subject?

How do you take your selfie?

Do you use filters?

How often do you log in?

Why did you join IG?

When you’re at the beach, what do you usually post?

Which one would you double-tap?

Which is better?

All 8 questions completed!

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Jess is a copywriter who brushes up on her paint knowledge daily. Together with Boysen professionals, she makes the technical stuff easier to digest. When she’s not writing, she searches the internet for the latest dessert bar.

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