Luckier ones among us who have a garden get to enjoy a bit of sun and fresh air during times of city-wide lockdowns. Chances are you’ve never really paid much attention to your outdoor space on a regular basis until now. If so, now is the time to really boost your gardening game with the help of some tech aids and new tools from Amazon.

As the gardeners among us know, dishing up fresh, home-grown fruit and vegetables to your family and guests is a real source of both pleasure and pride. Not to mention, knowing exactly what went into the foods you’re serving is a huge bonus.

But as most of us know, gardening for food can be tricky, and time-consuming. Whether you’re growing a single bed of strawberries or have turned your entire backyard into a miniature farm, technology has solutions to make your life as a gardener easier.

As we stand now on the brink of 2020, technology offers advanced tools to help you dish up delicious, healthy home-grown foods. Thanks to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and smart devices, gardeners can monitor their soil, water plants remotely and much more.

It sounds almost too good to be true, right? Before we get stuck into what IoT tech can do for your home garden, let’s discover what it is exactly.

What is IoT tech?

IoT stands for Internet of Things. In the broadest sense, it means a network of interrelated devices that connect to the internet. Have you ever used a Fitbit and monitored your progress on a smartphone? Or do you have lights in your home that you can control from an app? If so, you’re using IoT tech.

These days, IoT tech is everywhere and in many products. It makes our lives easier and more manageable than ever before. As you can imagine though, IoT devices transmit data, and sometimes this data is very personal. For that reason, all of your smart devices and your home WiFi should be properly encrypted with a VPN or virtual private network. 

Not sure how to get started doing this? It really is as simple as finding a decent internet VPN and enabling it. 

Now that we’ve looked at IoT in general and learned how to secure our smart devices, let’s check out some of the coolest and most sophisticated gardening gadgets on the market.

Smart Devices that Help You Tend the Garden

Enhance Quarantine Life: Boost Your Gardening Game with Technology

Many high-end tech tools for gardening utilize intricate sensor systems to help you understand exactly what’s happening in your garden. 

One notable example is the Edyn Garden Sensor. All users have to do is place the spiked sensor into the soil and it relays information including soil conditions, lighting conditions, moisture, and weather-pattern data to the Edyn app on your smartphone.

As you can imagine, this takes a lot of the guesswork out of gardening. If you’ve always wondered why your rosemary flourished in one spot but withered in another, this gadget can help you choose a site with better drainage, something that rosemary prefers. 

Likewise, if you need a spot for a plant that likes muddy roots, use your Edyn to check moisture levels before you plant.

Technology can even help you water your plants remotely. Not sure if you can rely on the neighbor you entrusted with the veggie patch? No problem, smart gardening devices mean you can control your sprinklers from anywhere!

According to Mike McGrath, the host of You Bet Your Garden, most plant death is caused by incorrect watering. Combat this with tools such as Blossom and Lono. Both of these devices work with your current sprinkler system and let you control watering schedules.

Not only that, but these devices also monitor local weather data, which they glean from the internet. So if there has just been a shower, the smart device knows and stops the next scheduled watering. An added bonus is that you’ll cut down on your water bills and help conserve this precious resource. 

Pest problems? You guessed it, there’s a device for that too. We love the ScareCrow system. This smart motion sensor knows when a pesky creature is stealing from your garden and automatically starts a sprinkler. This scares away the pest and is a darn sight easier and cheaper than building a fence.

Feeding your family with home-grown foods has never been simpler thanks to smart gardening devices. We might even go so far as to say this is the future of gardening. We can dig it! 


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