When we think of renovating or redecorating, we tend to focus our attention to interiors. We pour all our energy into choosing the perfect furniture, the best framed prints to go with our decor, and, of course, what paint color ties everything together. But, when was the last time we gave our home’s exteriors some love? Here are some exciting exterior color inspirations with the MOVE Color Palette of Boysen Color Trend 2022/2023.

Lemon Pop

Exciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Imagine being welcomed by a bright, sunny home after a long, tiring day at work. What a sight for sore eyes! Plant some blooms around your home’s perimeter as well to create a happy, cozy atmosphere. If you’re looking for more sunny home exteriors, check this article out.

High KeyExciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

Still prefer something neutral and minimalist? Go for the the sandy beige hue of High Key. This calming hue serves as the perfect backdrop for sipping coffee in your outdoor lanai. Plant a lot of greenery around the area, too. Studies show that surrounding yourself with fauna significantly reduces anxiety and stress.


Exciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysenLet’s all say a big “No, Thank you,” to the era of cookie-cutter homes. Make your home stand out with the brilliant orange hue of Fireburst! And as a bonus, all your online shopping deliveries won’t have a hard time locating your home!

Deep Plunge

Exciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysenTired of neutral hues but still want your home to exude a relaxed vibe? Let’s go for that much-coveted resort atmosphere and make your home feel like a tropical paradise. No pool? No problem! Take the plunge (hehe) with the dark blue hue of Deep Plunge!

Hey, Grey!

Exciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysenGoing for a more modern, industrial look? Look no further, paint your home’s exterior with the ashy gray shade of Hey, Grey! The color gray doesn’t have to be boring. Add texture to your home’s exterior by choosing a key area (like your entrance!) and use any of the modern cement finishes of Konstrukt Lunar Series on it.

Purple Power RevolutionExciting Exteriors with the MOVE Color Palette | MyBoysen

We’re all about making life as colorful as possible! Paint the walls of your home’s exterior with the vibrant purple hue of Purple Power Revolution. Go all out! Decorate your outdoor space with outdoor lights, weather-proof couches, and tons of plants. Go for a bohemian vibe with a burst of colors and textures!

Boysen Permacoat for Exteriors

Let’s talk paint. Boysen Color Trend colors are available in two formulations: Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex and Virtuoso Silk Touch. The latter paint base is solely for interior use. In case you want to match your exteriors and interiors, nobody is stopping you! For exteriors, though, go for Boysen Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex. It’s a 100% acrylic latex paint with outstanding durability and color retention. It’s formulated to withstand the harsher conditions of the outdoors.

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