It seems like it was just a few days ago when the whole Philippines felt like it was melting under the heat of the sun. Summer was intense. The second I stepped out of a cold shower, sweat started forming on my forehead. The rainy season is upon us now and it is sweet, sweet relief. But as much as I welcome the gentle rains and cool winds of the rainy season, it does get a little dark and dreary sometimes. If we can’t have the sunshine of the summer back any time soon, why not have yellow exteriors for your home?

Color Psychology of Yellow

If you need a little cheering up, some nice sunny yellows should do the trick. Take caution though. While yellow can up the fun and energy in a space, sometimes it can feel a little bit too overwhelming. If you want yellow to be the predominant color in your space, make sure to choose a soft, pastel yellow. A fun fact though is that yellow is considered to be one of the best bedroom colors for sound sleep. Who doesn’t like waking up in a room full of sunshine?

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Yellow Exteriors for Your Home

Cheerio Yellow: Sunshine Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

Shades of yellow can be quite tricky in terms of paint. Just like in shades of red, it’s not usually suggested for exterior applications. The formulations for red and yellow paint just can’t handle the harsh sun and rain of the outdoors. If you take a look at any fandeck or brochure you might have on hand, notice how most yellows have a small disclaimer on them. It would usually read “For Interior Applications Only” or something of that sort. Take heed, people. Read the fine print! The colors we’ve featured in our moodboard here are colors from the Boysen Color Series collection. They’re available in the Permacoat Semi-Gloss formula and can be applied outdoors! But what if you want to make your own version of pastel yellow? Say no more, fam. We’ve got you covered.

Boysen Latex Colors

Cheerio Yellow: Sunshine Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

Boysen Latex Colors are water-based colorants that can be mixed into water-based paints such as Permacoat, Healthy Home, and Virtuoso Silk Touch. This article is about painting your exteriors with yellow, so we better make sure it can stand all sorts of weather out here. Our Research & Development team just recently formulated the B-1469 Exterior Yellow colorant that can be used on exterior paints like Permacoat. We already have a yellow colorant before, Hansa Yellow. But, please, please, please do not use this colorant for exterior applications. This will result in a paint failure. Nothing bright and sunshiny about that, eh?

How to Use Boysen Exterior Yellow

Cheerio Yellow: Sunshine Hues for Exteriors | MyBoysen

It might be tempting to just slather on that rich golden Exterior Yellow on your walls. However, do not forget that it is a colorant. It’s meant to be mixed into a base paint before application. The mixing ratio is 1:16, colorant to base paint, respectively. So, for every one gallon (that’s 4-Liters) of base paint, you can mix in a maximum of 1/4-Liter of the colorant you want. Nothing more!

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In Conclusion

The rainy seasons don’t have to be too dark and dreary. Paint your home exteriors with a cheery pastel yellow and come home to your own patch of sunshine. Just don’t forget to use Boysen Exterior Yellow for the job! Have any other burning questions on the colorants and how to use them? Fret not. You can always send us an email at We’re always happy to help. Happy painting!

Feature image by Thomas Peham on Unsplash 


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