Have you ever looked into your closet and thought, “I have too many black clothes, my emo 11-year-old self is proud,” or “I think I am a unicorn emerging from a rainbow”?

When you really look into your wardrobe, you’ll notice two things. One is that you’re drawn to a particular style or color, and two is that you’ve been overspending. Kidding aside, there is a connection between our interior color choices and fashion sense. Color experts agree that when you’re unsure of how to pick a color palette for your home, you can get inspirations from your closet.

We made a quiz that will help you in finding the right hue for you. Take the quiz, and we will recommend a color palette for your home based on your fashion style.

Get styling!

Pick a top.

Choose a jacket.

Put on some pants.

Don a dress.

Slip on the perfect pair of shoes.

Treat yourself with jewelry.

Complete your look with an accessory.

Name a makeup product you can’t live without.

All 8 questions completed!

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Get styling!

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Yasmin is a copywriter who writes poems when she is in love. She is also a feminist and a film enthusiast.

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