Christmas as a child used to be just another reason to have a break from the school works and enjoy quality time with my cousins. Living miles away from each other, the only time that we get to play and have fun with each other is during the holidays. We’ll have it all planned from their first day up to the last. There would be days for movie marathons, days for basketball games where the girls only get to cheer, and cooking where I only get to watch (as the only one in the group who can’t cook). But the one that excites me the most is the day when we can do nothing together. We just spend the whole day at grandma’s and find our sweet spot. We lie down on the floor and start telling our stories.

Well, that didn’t happen last year.

Most of us have just graduated from college and were busy in our first jobs. We settled ourselves in exchanging presents rather than being present for each other, with paying for the meal rather than sharing a meal. We forgot what the holidays really mean. So this year, we swore we’ll make up for that one lost Christmas. And to be honest, I can’t wait to go home to their warm embrace.House Paint Design: Christmas in All Our Hearts

When I was asked to write about what Christmas means to me, I knew I can’t just simply articulate it. I need you to see it, to imagine it. So we’ve gathered up three house paint design ideas for you to better visualize the mood. Delight yourself in the beauty of Christmas in my mind.

House Paint Design for the Holidaze

Christmas means Rest


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For the working class, Christmas means a breather from the office toxicity and deadlines. It means you get to drop one hat for once and wear your most precious Christmas sweater away from your laptop notifications. A pause, a break. Take a look at this white Christmas, look at the way the crispness of white gives your eyes some rest. I can see myself lying on this cozy sofa as I wait for the rewind of my favorite show on TV – a few hours before I doll myself up for Noche Buena.

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Christmas means Reflection 


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The past year may have been a little tough but you’re tougher. Let the holidays be the time for you to reflect on everything you’ve done that has brought you to this very moment, every decision you’ve made and the connections you’ve lost. In this quiet space filled with the rich colors of the little things that occupy it, that is made only for you and your pet, let the realizations sink in and act on it.

Christmas means Love


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Spend your time well with people who matter most. The reason for the season really is love. To me, that is what Christmas, and every waking day for that matter, is all about. When you do things with love, everything works out well. Share an intimate meal with your family in this luscious yet inviting dining room. Forgive, heal, and reconnect with people who you have lost ties with and feel the spirit of Christmas in our hearts.

What does Christmas mean to you? Share with us your stories below.

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