Each architectural style is distinguishable from another due to multiple factors, with one key characteristic being its color palette. In order to perfectly emulate your desired architectural style, you will need to have the appropriate house paint ideas. If your dream house is going to be made with a specific design style in mind, you will need to read up and research on how to properly execute it. Explore the extensive catalog of hues by Boysen Philippines to find the appropriate colors.

Take note that specific architectural styles also evoke different emotions in people. Victorian-era style architecture uses more neutral colors in order to pull off its moody look, which means that there is a possibility of a heavier and darker atmosphere within your home. On the other hand, Mediterranean-style homes are made of active colors, which could cause an adrenaline, but may make it difficult for you to sleep at night.

Want to learn more about the appropriate house paint ideas in order to get the perfect color story for your home? Read on to find out more about the color palette of different architectural styles.

The Cohesion Brought About by Architectural Styles

Painted Walls

An architectural style is called as such due to notable characteristics that make them historically identifiable. It could be a new style that became popularized by society or it could be a variation of a pre-existing style. In some cases, new architectural styles are envisioned due to specific needs.

One prime example is that of the Romanesque style. Originally from Europe during a time of war and inspired by the Republic of Ancient Rome, this style made use of heavy and durable walls equipped with small openings found in semicircular arches. The colors found within this style are greys, browns, blacks, and dark reds. From the functional use during its creation, it has evolved throughout the years to be able to be utilized for aesthetic purposes on multiple structures.

With the boom of the real estate industry in the Philippines, more and more architectural styles are popping up in the housing landscape. Read on to find out a potential style for you.

Popular Architectural Styles of Philippine Homes

Popular Architectural Styles of Philippine Homes

In order to find the right house paint ideas for your home that would also fit into the culture of Philippine homes, this article will discuss the popular architectural styles found around the regions. Before delving into the specific styles, you must first understand the basics of their color palettes. Besides the walls of your home, interiors and exteriors, you will also need to consider the color of your rooftop. Here are some samples to take note of:

A Variety of Materials

Traditional-styled homes make use of a uniform color palette that may end up being too monotonous. Instead, modern-styled architecture has started to move away from the traditional materials that make a home in favor of a style that makes use of multiple materials and still keep the design cohesive. Glass, metal, wood, and stone can now be found within one home. The color palettes these make use of are more often than not neutrals and earth tones.

The walls can primarily be made of concrete or light pieces of wood, topped off with a dark-colored tile roof. The majority of the walls can be changed in favor of wide sliding glass doors. This is ideal for the Philippine climate because it boasts modernity while allowing for good ventilation to keep the house cool. Another type of home that can usually be seen in the Philippines is one that is designed to capitalize on the natural beauty of the scenery around it.

A Color Matching The Environment

The Philippines is a country teeming with lush flora so if you have a property that allows for a freestanding or detached home, make use of the space to create a luxurious, natural surrounding. Even if you have space only for a pocket garden, build a home that can work with the greenery in your property. To further capture the natural feel, some homeowners locally source the materials they need for the build, like stones for wall cladding or to pave driveways.

Blues, greens, browns – these are the go-to colors if you want to have your house merge with the surrounding landscape. But some even push the envelope by choosing to paint their homes with bright colors. Some homes near the sea choose to mimic the water by having bright blue walls. Others who live in mountain areas choose to paint their walls yellow or orange to match the sun.

However, if you live in a subdivision, you may opt to have a more subtle and neutral hue for your exteriors. These are the colors or combinations we recommend.

White with a Dark Roof

Living in a subdivision in the Philippines means being surrounded by other homes. Some choose to go for more classic designs that get better as they age, such as white-walled homes with dark-colored roofs. These designs exude elegance and timelessness. It can help your home blend in beautifully with other homes in the neighborhood. If you have extensive grounds, this color combination can look exquisite especially with a well-designed landscape. The house can then be framed perfectly amidst the greenery.

The classic colors of the walls of these types of homes are white, cream, or other light neutrals. The roof can be dark brown or burnt umber tiles. Some consider the light colors to be too simple, while others would consider it elegant. These are just some of the typical color combinations that can be seen in a number of Philippine houses.

Now let’s get into the color palettes of specific architectural styles in the Philippines.

Spanish Colonial Architecture

Spanish Colonial Architecture

As the Philippines was colonized for 300+ years by Spain, the Spanish colonial architecture has influenced the local way of building. That you can find throughout the country. Many houses still make use of this style when coming up with house color ideas. There are two types of Spanish colonial architecture that you can recreate, the traditional one and a more modern style. The traditional Spanish colonial home primarily makes use of stone walls for the ground floor (like in the Bahay na Bato) and hard wood walls for the upper floor. The roof is made of red clay tiles. The following colors dominate this architectural style – beige, brown, red and white.

There is also the modern Spanish architecture which makes use of cream or light yellow-colored concrete walls. It is complemented by accents of brown through the wood elements skillfully placed around the home. It pays homage to the old style by maintaining the red clay roof tiles. This style will give your home a more tropical look to it.

 The majority of the colors used in this architectural style are cream or yellow, red and black accents.

Bungalow Architecture

Bungalow Architecture

Moving on to more modern times, one of the good house paint ideas is inspired by bungalow architecture. This architectural style came to the Philippines when the Americans colonized the country for almost 50 years.

Bungalows can usually be seen within gated communities around the Philippines. The majority of the colors used in this architectural style are white, brown, yellow and dark green.

The walls of this style of home are more often than not made of concrete, painted with a light color. The eye-catching part of this style usually comes from the roof, with a contrasting dark color such as a dark red or a dark green, which are usually made of galvanized iron sheets. This usually has a small garden around the house and a car port. To complete the look, metal gates line the front of the home, painted with one of the other colors found around the house.

This kind of architectural style is a good fit for aging residents due to its one-story configuration.

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Mid-Century Modern Architecture

With the traditional homes come the more modernized ones. Mid-Century Modern architecture can usually be seen lining the streets of luxury subdivisions around the country. These are usually made with a variety of materials that add its own texture to the design of the home. These are characterized as large spaces that create long and complex lines, complemented with wide glass screens and neutral colors.

Found around the house are prominent black lines made of metal, which provide a good accent to emphasize the other colors of the house. The concrete walls are usually painted white or black or dark gray, and are usually combined with wooden cladding. The driveway leading up to the house is also made of concrete left unpainted, further highlighting the neutral tone from the natural materials of the home. These types of houses also tend to have patches of grass at the front in order to provide contrasting colors to the neutral vibe.

The majority of the colors used in this architectural style are black, gray, white and brown.

Mediterranean Architecture

Mediterranean Architecture

Mediterranean architecture can give your home the refreshing vibe of a weekend getaway every single day. The use of this particular architectural style in beach home developments makes us equate this type of home with bright, sunny and relaxing days, which puts us in a vacation mood.

These homes are designed to mimic those found lined along the streets of the Mediterranean region of the world. The iconic style is known to be multi-storied. They are also known to have small balconies where homeowners can enjoy the cool breeze. Arches are another feature of Mediterranean architecture, and these add elegance and beauty.

The concrete walls of Mediterranean architecture are usually painted a solid yellow color or a combination of yellow and white. This is to highlight the fresh and tropical feel of the home. The roofs are made of red tiles, in order to further complement the beachside look. White lines are found around the house in order to give it some further texture.

 Most Mediterranean houses have a yellow, ochre or sienna, and usually the paint effect is mottled. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Color Palette

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Color Palette

When creating your house paint ideas, there are other factors that you also have to take into consideration aside from wall paint colors. Here are other things you have to keep in mind before finalizing your color palette:

● Choose your furniture first before choosing your wall colors
● Start designing formal areas and use those colors as accents in other places.
● The usual color story of a room: dark floors, medium tones for the walls walls, and light ceilings.

These are just some of the examples of architectural styles with specific color palettes. Find your preferred style and mix and match colors to suit your preference.

Find The Perfect Color Palette for Your Dream Home with Boysen Philippines!

Combining the architectural elements, the design of your furnishings with their colors as well as the colors of your interior and exterior surfaces, can give you the architectural style that you are aspiring for. Your house paint ideas are therefore a crucial component in creating a cohesive design for your home. Choose from a variety of different paint colors from trusted paint suppliers such as Boysen Philippines in order to find the right one for you.

Boysen has more than 4,000 colors to choose from, which covers all the architectural styles discussed here. It could also cover other styles like industrial or Scandinavian. If you want professional help in choosing your color palettes, Boysen has ready-made color palettes which you can check out in the Boysen Color Trends website. Not only the palettes but also photo inspirations abound to give you a leg-up creating your own house paint ideas.

Remember that paint is the easiest way to achieve maximum impact without breaking the bank. Just make sure that when you build your dream home, you have the right architectural features incorporated in the design of the home. Make this decision early and do not deviate from it when you are doing your build. You wouldn’t want to have a mishmash of styles. Imagine a Bahay na Bato that looks Mediterranean?

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