The hot summer sun blazes across a clear, bright blue sky. The wind is nice and warm. You catch a faint whiff of some pork barbecue your neighbors are grilling for lunch. Condensation is forming on your tall glass of iced tea. You take a refreshing swig. It feels cool to the touch. Ahhh, summer. You know what that means? That’s right, it’s ant season. What? You thought I was talking about having some fun under the sun? We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, friends. Stay home, stay safe. I don’t know about yours, but my house is currently being swarmed by invaders. I want to get rid of ants!

They’re on the kitchen counters, on the ceilings, and I even found a troop going around my bed frame. It’s not fun, to say the least. Well, I hope you’re not encountering the same problem as I am right now. But if you are, we’re in this together, brother. Check out our list of tips below to get rid of ants at home.

Keep your House Clean

How to Get Rid of Ants at Home | MyBoysen

Like, really clean. If you’re facing a full-blown invasion, you have to leave no table unturned. Food crumbs after a snack binge? Vacuum it. A few drops of your morning latte splashed on your work desk? Wipe it. Pieces of your messy pupper’s dog food scattered around the floor? Pick them up. However, the ants’ diet is not just limited to what we consider as “food.” Once, I killed a mosquito on a wall and left its bloodied remains there. Don’t judge me. The next day, a couple of ants were already munching on it. They even went after my toothpaste. Toothpaste!!!

Seal All Possible Entrances

How to Get Rid of Ants at Home | MyBoysen

Colonies send out scouts to look for potential food and water sources. Keep your fortress safe by sealing every small gap in your home’s doors and windows. Remember, ants are very tiny and they can get in from anywhere! There are usually small gaps under doors that insects can get into. You can invest in weatherstrips (they’re widely available online) and stick them on the base of your doors. If there are small cracks or gaps on your walls, windows, or A/C brackets, seal it!

All-Natural Ant Killer

How to Get Rid of Ants at Home | MyBoysen

Using aerosol pesticides might not be the best option in trying to get rid of ants. Save your money and opt for a more natural approach. Mix together some sugar, borax, and warm water to create a concoction that can knock ants out. Dip some cotton balls in this mixture and place them on areas where the ants are. They eat up the sugar and the borax and die from it eventually. This usually clears up any hoard of ants that are gathering outside my bedroom window. Sometimes, they come back. However, it’s so easy to whip up another batch of this mixture. Just make sure to keep these dipped cotton balls away from kids or pets.

Use Anti-Insect Paint

Yes, this is a bigger investment than any of the three tips I mentioned before. But, hear me out. Anti-insect paint exists: Boysen Bug Off. It’s like any other normal water-based paint. However, it’s formulated with Artilin Anti-Insect technology. Also, Bug Off is FDA-approved and has passed rigorous tests from UP Los Banos for its efficacy and safety. It’s been proven effective against common household pests such as mosquitoes. But the catch is, the insect has to land on a Boysen Bug Off-painted surface. Well, that’s good news for us against our ant nemeses. Here’s a short guide on how it works.

Product Highlight: Boysen BUG OFF | MyBoysen

This anti-insect paint can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces. Currently, Boysen Bug Off is available in Flat White. This means you can also apply the paint on your ceilings (ants are everywhere). But if it’s a bit too plain for you, you can mix in some water-based colorants into Boysen Bug Off in order to get pastel shades.

Enjoy Ant-Free Living

Ants are amazing creatures. If you really think about it, they’re not as bad as mosquitoes. Or worse, flying cockroaches. They’re not as destructive as termites, either. I honestly have no issue with just a few ants here and there just scurrying around my house. But once they start forming lines, that’s where I draw the line. Nothing hurts quite as much as a bite from a teeny red ant. So keep your home safe from these critters. Get rid of ants at home with these tips and tricks.

Do you have any questions on how to our anti-insect paint Boysen Bug Off? Curious to know how it works? You can send us an email at for more details!

Have an easy, breezy, ant-free summer!


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