Watch this DIY video tutorial on how to make a bubble wrap beehive wall. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you can use the bubble wraps you get from your online purchases, budol or not.

You know that saying, “One (wo)man’s trash, another (wo)man’s treasure”? Well, if you have pack rat tendencies, this kind of project could come in handy to make use of those things you hoard, like bubble wrap, cartons, even toilet paper rolls.

Put them to good use by using these things to make a unique accent wall.

Limoncello Yellow

Cheerful, zesty, upbeat, refreshing, just like a sip of limoncello, yellow is a great tonic and the perfect color to make this honeycomb pattern. Ditch the grid lines and hide the painters tape. Use this stamping method instead to make this beehive wall and be playful about it. The trick is not to overload your stamp with paint so that it won’t ooze paint and make a gooey mess of your wall. Try stamping on a piece of scrap cardboard or wood until you get the hang of it.

Here are more yellow paint swatches you can choose from. Use a dark yellow for the wall and a light hue for the hexagons, or vice versa.Hello, Yellow: 7 Ideas for Pops of Sunshine in Your Home | MyBoysen

Read Hello, Yellow: 7 Ideas for Pops of Sunshine in Your Home.

Paint Your Wall with Bubble Wrap

This isn’t the first time we used bubble wrap to paint a wall. Kriz made one using a light blue color. Watch the video.

Krafty Kriz: Paint Your Wall with Bubble Wrap

This DIY video tutorial used a rolling method, and not stamping.

Adding texture in an interior space adds interest, detail, and depth to a room. Patterns do the same thing. Just don’t overdo it though because the room may look too busy, unless you are a fan of the cluttercore design style and busy is your middle name.

Reconfigure the Home

Think about how to reconfigure the home because remote work and online learning may not change any time soon. Making space for these activities, instead of treating these as temporary, could improve mental health.

The wait-and-see mode may have been helpful in the first few months of quarantine because it gave us the chance to reassess and be adaptive to the situation. However, we are going on our 16th month with all kinds of Qs and wait-and-see just doesn’t cut it because staying in limbo is not healthy. Rearranging our homes to make spaces for family members working from home or taking classes online gives us a sense of purpose. At the very least, it will give us the feeling that we are steering our ship.

Use paint to demarcate spaces or revamp rooms to create great impact at relatively little cost. Paint, in comparison to structural changes, is easier to do and more cost effective. Bring in good vibes by choosing colors well. If you don’t know how to combine colors, check out the carefully curated color palettes in our Boysen Color Trend website.

DIY Video Tutorials

Do you want to explore more DIY video tutorials that do not involve bubble wrap? We have made so many DIY video tutorials over the years from painting accent walls and furniture to making your own home accessories. You can stay in the blog and follow this link, or you can subscribe to our YouTube channel so you get first dibs every time we upload a video.


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