Arches are captivating and stylish. In this day and age when modern, contemporary design calls for clean, straight lines, arches give an old-world, classical look and feel to homes. Think of the Spanish architecture as seen in the many churches and old homes in the country. Since real arches are not easy to create, we’ve come up with something far simpler and that is to make an arch wall accent using paint. Watch the video tutorial below.

 Arch Wall Accents

We have several images in our IG page that show painted arches on the wall to add interest to an interior. There are also designs that parts of a circle. Do go to our IG page and click follow so you can see the new uploads quickly.

Arch Outline

The image above shows an arch as a simple decor on the wall. It is similar to the one in the video except in the IG image, the arch is not filled in. Follow this style by painting only a thick outline. This is a very simple way to make your room look special. Of course, you have to curate the home accessories and their placement in the space vis-à-vis the arch so as to tie all elements together.

Half Circle in Vibrant Color

If you are not bold enough to paint a whole wall with a vibrant color, then you can use it to paint a decorative element on your wall like this hot pink half circle in the image above. Paint the door trims and the narrow side of a partition wall so as to “frame” your half circle and not make it float in the space. Click on the arrows in the image to see two more similar designs.

Paint an Arch as a Backdrop

If you have an arch like this one, you can use it as a backdrop for a gorgeous plant if you don’t want to add a shelf like that in the video. Just make sure that the plant is large enough to make a statement.

Paint Parts of a Circle for that Edgy Look

This is a bold and brave statement to make in an otherwise minimalist interior. Paint a part of a circle on the wall instead of an arch. More design know-how is needed to balance the effect of the “imperfect” circle that is painted flush to the wall on the left side. The wall light is the perfect match to this decor.

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is making a comeback. You can read about it by clicking here. These curvy furniture add grace and elegance to your interior spaces. It expresses a slower way of living. No rush, no stress, the kind of slow living which is a good answer to this pandemic. If you are ever thinking of redesigning your home or are building one, then think of arches, circles, and curves to create a healing and restorative living space.

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