Carrying out any home improvement project at home requires thought, effort and of course, budget. Home improvement projects can vary from the small such as a feature wall addition with some framed pictures or it can be as substantial as a home extension. While taking on one of these projects is exciting, it can also be a little daunting and they require some research.

What to Watch Out For in Home Improvements

Things need to be considered such as contractors if they’re relevant in that it’s vital to engage the right contractors who will do the job well. Ask friends and family for recommendations, go and see physical work projects they’ve completed and check out their website reviews. If the project is large, it is so important to have reliable builders, plumbers and carpenters.

Infographic: Apps for Home Improvement Projects

Also take some time to watch some videos on YouTube and get inspiration from things you find there. Always keep your budget in mind of course and stick tightly to it; this might require resolve and willpower but it’s important. Keep detailed notes and even take some before and after photographs for you to review the change once the project is complete. If you’re planning on not keeping your property in the long term, be sure to only carry improvement projects that will add value to the home, that will deliver a positive return on investment.

More Home Improvement Tips from Homeowners and Professionals

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To help you choose your paint, read and watch the video about how to use the Boysen App.

The people at Senator Windows  have put together this useful infographic which outlines those apps that can be used if you’re carrying out home improvement projects. It’s split into various segments to assist the different parts of the journey such as the research stage and the color selection stage and so on. Check out the full detail below!

Infographic: Apps for Home Improvement Projects

This is a guest post from Jane Crosbie, marketing manager with Senator Windows and Doors in Ireland. Senator manufactures high quality windows and doors in their dedicated manufacturing facility in County Wexford.


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