How would you like to come back to a home that feels joyful, playful, and a lot of fun to live in? So set aside those aspirational or picture-perfect looks that take a lot of effort to accomplish just because you’d like to post them on social media. Instead embrace that bubbly and playful personality that may be buried inside you. Then, let this voice speak as you go about revamping your home to let that child out and play. Perhaps you may even find out that being authentic and posting real-life home photos, instead of artificially curated ones, will cut through the noise in your chosen social media channel.

What’s one of the most impactful secret weapon when you go about this makeover? PASTELS! Head on to this post for some ideas.

Playful Pastels

Playful interior design was being talked about in 2020. It may not have gained so much traction because we were focused on many other serious things. However, let’s push it to the forefront now because the world needs a lot of cheerfulness, optimism, and feel-good moments. Let colors bring those positive vibes in!

Here are pastel colors introduced by Boysen in previous Color Trends. They are as relevant now as when they were launched so let’s revisit them.

In the PERFECTIONIST Color Palette | Boysen Color Trend 2015

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

This palette is perfect for a soigné woman who is very self-assured about her personal style. The primary pale blue color in the room becomes the restrained canvas for the spirited colors of bright yellow and dusty pink.

Go see the PERFECTIONIST colors in the Boysen Color Trend website. The palette is full of verve and gives the heart a lift. Check out the light orange Walking on Sunshine | BCT14-7707S in the palette. It is as refreshing as a bite of cantaloupe on a warm sunny day.

In the BE YOU Color Palette | Boysen Color Trend 2018

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

Bluegrass Suite | BCT18-7012S is a cool color that emits a relaxed and soothing energy. This paint color belongs to the BE YOU palette of  Boysen Color Trend 2018, a beautiful mix of cool colors with one warm hue This cool aqua invites serenity and a slowing down, much needed in this world that may be too burdensome at times.

In the NOSTALGIA Color Palette | Boysen Color Trend 2020

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

When painting bright colors on your wall, neutral colors are your friends. In the photo above, the light wooden floor,  white door and cabinet, allow the bright colors to shine. Note the layering of colors with the blue wall in the other room. Most of the time, the recommendation is to paint all rooms one color for cohesiveness. However, if you want to experiment with having different paint colors for different rooms, it can definitely work if you know more about color schemes. In this case, orange and blue work together because they are known as complementary colors, or colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel.

Read More Paint Color Schemes for You to Choose From.

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

Pink is still very much a beloved color because it can be warm, inviting, flirtatious, fun, friendly… depending on the intensity of the color. Think of the bubble gum pinks of the Y2K era, the ultra-hot feminine pink of the 2000s, the desaturated millennial pinks of 2010s, and the trend of brides to have blush as a color motif for their weddings (is that over yet?).

What I consider progress is that pink, like blue, is no longer considered a gender-specific color. It’s quite liberating to have all colors available to everyone as a means for self-expression, whatever gender one identifies with.

In the BREATHE Color Palette | Boysen Color Trend 2022/23

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

Herbal Tea | BCT21-7514S. That’s the name and code for this subdued green. You can get an organic look by pairing this with other greens and browns. Also add plants and accessories made from natural materials like rattan, straw, buri, sea grass, or others found locally.

This gray-green is generally known as sage. See how green can transform kitchens in this post. This color would look good paired with other greens like olive for a monochromatic and restful mood.

Inject Playfulness Into Your Homes Using Pastels | MyBoysen

If you are tired of walking on the well-trodden path of owning a white kitchen, now is your chance to choose something light and bright using this paint color Morning Yoga | BCT21-7207S. It’s such a lively hue to greet you when you start your day, especially if yours is a dine-in kitchen. Pair with white and cream dinnerware, dark brown pots, amber bottles, and bronze and copper touches. To make it modern, you can also use chrome cabinet handles and kitchen mixer taps.

Playful Interior Design

Paint colors can help with making an interior space look and feel playful. But aside from that, there are other ways to make a room more fun. You can choose your furniture and accessories well to bring in that vibe. For example, you can choose quirky furniture or display items.

Well-known Spanish artist-designer Jaime Hayón said, ““Design follows function, and then what? When I first started, everything was so boring. I’ve realised that design is not only about functionality but also about provoking a certain type of emotion.”

Right up there in quirkiness are the Horse Lamp and Pig Table of Moooi, a Dutch design company.


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Not everyone can afford designer furniture such as the Pig Table, or not everyone would like to have something like this in their home. We all can create something whimsical and fun, something that triggers the imagination. An example would be an accent wall covered with memorabilia like plane or train tickets, photos, or souvenirs from your travels. Or if collecting toys is more your cup of tea, you can show off your Jean Michel Basquiat BE@ARBRICK collection and give it pride of place in the living room.

A playful home brings out the joyful spirit in us and makes life easier. We may be responsible adults but we are also children at heart who love to play. Let’s inject into our homes that atmosphere of playfulness that allows for the quirkiness we all have.

Boysen Paint Colors

There are five ways to browse the Boysen paint colors. Read this link to find out.

Before you buy, you need to see the physical color swatches and not rely on the color swatches you see in your devices. The reason for this is that there will always be color differences because of the different technical settings of the devices, which will impact on the colors. Check the swatches in the Boysen Mix and Match Stations before you buy. Another way to physically check the colors is to look at the Colorbooks in The Color Library located near IKEA in MOA Square, Mall of Asia.

Do you want to go the extra mile and test all the paint colors you have in mind first before making a final decision? You can purchase 200 mL cans of the different colors that you are considering. With these samples, paint squares (at least 1 foot by 1 foot) of the colors side by side on your wall. Because natural and artificial light affect color perception, check the paint colors at different times of the day and when artificial light is turned on at night. The 200 mL cans are available in The Color Library. You can also buy them online here.

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