Ceilings are often overlooked during a renovation project. Most of the time, you just slap some flat white paint on it and call it a day. After all, white goes well with everything, right? We spend hours staring up at our ceilings while trying to fall asleep. Why not make them just a little bit more interesting? Forego that plain and boring white for something more colorful perhaps? (Read: Fun Ceiling Color Ideas for Your Next Repainting Project) But if you’d rather still keep things neutral and minimalist in your living space, what about wooden ceilings?

Clean and Simple

Cover up your boring drywall ceiling with light-toned wooden panels for that minimalist, Japanese-Scandinavian aesthetic. This look is best paired with light and bright off-white walls. The wood tones from your ceilings and flooring instantly makes the space cozy, but still keeps the house feeling easy and breezy. Add some pops of color in your living space with some well-placed indoor plants. Just don’t forget to take care of them!

Cozy and Comfortable

Let’s go for that cozy and comfortable cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic by pairing wooden walls with wooden ceilings.  This fuss-free, no-nonsense look encapsulates a rustic, homey feel perfect for unwinding after a hard day at work.  Highlight the natural wood grain of the material by keeping accent furniture and decor to a minimum. Have the luxury of a beautiful garden or living by a wooded area? Investing in large windows can make it feel like you’re bringing nature indoors.

Minimalist and Luxurious

Can’t invest on installing wooden panels on your entire wall? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. What about highlighting certain areas in the home with a wooden ceiling accent? Try this look out on your master bedroom. Start by creating a wooden accent wall that acts as an anchor for the bed. Continue on upwards towards the ceiling. It’s up to you what kind of cool pattern you’d like to incorporate.

Get The Look

Perfect your wooden ceiling with Boysen Oil Wood Stain. It’s available in various shades that bring out the natural tone in wood. It doesn’t just highlight wood grain, but it also adds some much needed freshness and color to the material. Aside from its decorative properties, it also provides superb protection for interior woodworks. Just make sure to seal in your Oil Wood Stain application with a clear topcoat! For ceilings, I personally recommend using a clear, matte finish like Boysen Clear Dead Flat Lacquer B-1253 to lessen the overhead glare from lighting installations. Read more about Oil Wood Stain here.

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