Ceilings are quite often overlooked during a repainting or renovating project. Usually, they are just coated with a plain white paint in flat finish. First, this makes the room feel larger. Second, the flat finish of the paint reduces any glare from overhead lights. Practical? Yes. Boring? Sometimes. But, you don’t have to be limited by what’s “common” or “the usual,” it’s your house after all. So, if you’re thinking of shaking things up a bit during your next home renovation project, here are some fun ceiling color palette ideas for you to try.

Accent Wall

If you’re planning on creating an accent wall in your living space anyway, extend some of the design and color onto your ceiling! This idea is perfect if you’re on a budget and can only get a few liters of paint for a project. Try a bright poppy coral color to really highlight a key area in your house.


Do you have a favorite accent piece of furniture at home? Highlight the heck out of it by matching your ceiling with it! Or, it could also go the other way around, match your furniture with your accent ceiling! If you want to go with something bright and zesty like the ceiling in the instagram photo above, balance it out with white walls and neutral-toned furniture.

Get Cozy

Got some extra paint left over from your repainting project? Use the same hue on your ceilings! Painting the same color on these surfaces creates a more cohesive look for your living space. This works really well on larger areas with lots of natural light coming in as it creates a cozier atmosphere.

La La Land


Tossing and turning at night? Maybe it’s time to paint your bedroom ceiling a relaxing shade of blue. This soothing shade is known for promoting a good night’s rest. Now if you also work in your bedroom like a lot of us (Hello, work from home setup! ?  ), it might not be a good idea to paint the whole room blue. We don’t want to accidentally doze off during our online meetings, right? Or do we? 

Jazz it Up

Who says you have to stick to one color for your ceilings? Jazz up your living space with fun patterns and bright colors on your ceiling. Not so sure you can pull it off? Paint your walls a neutral, off white color so the room doesn’t feel too overwhelming to the eye.

Say No to Boring Ceilings

Do you need a different type of paint for ceilings? Not exactly. Here in the Philippines, ceilings are usually made from drywall or cement. It’s good to note that our recommended paint for interiors can also be applied on both surfaces. We’re talking about Boysen Permacoat, Virtuoso Silk Touch, and Healthy Home. Looking for more cool ceiling color ideas? Check out this other article. Learn the basics of painting your ceilings here.

For your next repainting project, don’t forget about your ceilings!

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  1. So cool ng room examples<3 Love the advice. Wish I could add more color than plain whites sometime tooo

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