One of my favorite rituals is to have a slow breakfast in a huge kitchen. That’s how I remembered it when I spent summer vacations in the home of my maternal grandparents. My home today does not have a huge kitchen with a matching huge table. But with the open kitchen, which is integrated with the dining and living areas, I still can replicate the experience.

It’s great to be together in one space with loved ones and eat a hearty breakfast. I feel that we are then better able to take on the day with more strength and grace.

But during the work or school week, breakfasts could be hectic affairs in most households when we’ve got to prepare ourselves and the kids (for those who are parents), to face the day. With the horrific traffic situation in our cities, we have to factor in precious minutes and hours for travel time, so breakfast may be gulped down or eaten on the run.

But weekend is coming up. We can get up at a more decent time than usual, and prepare a good, hearty breakfast for ourselves and the family. That’s such a gratifying way to start the day, when everyone is seated around the table, and each family member can share stories about the week’s events. Serious or silly stories, telling them is always a good way to connect and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a much better way to enjoy breakfast, or any meal for that matter, rather than  focusing our attention on a screen, whether it be a tablet, phone or laptop. Ban the gadgets from the table, parents!

Breakfast Places in the Kitchen

Disclaimer: These colors are taken as the interiors’ Closest Color Match. They may not exactly match actual paint.

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