Wood is a beautiful material to have at home. It brings warmth and coziness to a space. Plus, it looks classy too. If you have wood at home, Boysen Oil Wood Stain and Boysen Xyladecor are wood stains that also preserve the natural beauty of your wooden surfaces. Because they essentially do the same job, it can get confusing to know when to use one over the other. Here’s your quick guide!

Boysen Oil Wood Stain

Know the Difference: Boysen Oil Wood Stain vs. Boysen Xyladecor | MyBoysen

Key points:

  • For interior wooden surfaces only
  • Apply varnish as a topcoat
  • A budget-friendly option
  • Drying time of 12 hours per coat

Boysen Oil Wood Stain is a solvent-based stain that’s applied on wood. Applying a stain makes your wooden surface, such as cabinets, furniture, and paneling, even more beautiful. It brings out the natural tone of the wood and highlights wood grain.

Use Boysen Oil Wood Stain on wooden surfaces in the home such as walls, floors, paneling, cabinets, tables, and chairs. It’s a good choice for interior wooden surfaces but not recommended on exteriors where it will be regularly exposed to sunlight and rain. Take note that you will also need to apply a Boysen varnish product as a topcoat after for additional protection.

When compared to Boysen Xyladecor, Boysen Oil Wood Stain is a more budget-friendly option. No need to worry because this doesn’t mean it sacrifices on quality. Boysen Xyladecor simply has a few added features which you’ll learn in this blog post too.

For product info and a guide on how to use Boysen Oil Wood Stain, click here.

Boysen Xyladecor

Know the Difference: Boysen Oil Wood Stain vs. Boysen Xyladecor | MyBoysen

Key points:

  • For both exterior and interior wooden surfaces
  • Does not need a topcoat
  • Water-repellent and helps prevent mold and fungi
  • Drying time of 2 hours per coat

Boysen Xyladecor is a deep-penetrating stain that beautifies your wooden surface. It brings out the wood’s color and grain and, aside from that, Boysen Xyladecor also provides a few additional features.

Thanks to its excellent sealing properties, Boysen Xyladecor is a great way to protect your wood. It acts as a water-repellent, provides protection against wood decay, and prevents the growth of mold and fungi. Use it on any wooden surface at home including for exteriors. As mentioned, it’s water-repellent so it will be able to withstand all manner of weather.

Boysen Xyladecor is also a topcoat on its own. This cuts your project time significantly, compared to Boysen Oil Wood Stain, as you don’t need to apply varnish after it. If you want an extra layer of protection though, you can apply Hudson Timbercoat as a final coat.

For product info and a guide on how to use Boysen Xyladecor, click here.

A Video Guide on Boysen Wood Stains

Rather watch a video than read a blog post? Bea, from our Build with B series, has you covered. In the tutorial above, she runs through how to use both Boysen Oil Wood Stain and Boysen Xyladecor. She also lists each of the products’ features, similarities, and differences.

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