No painting in this video. This is a straight up craft project from Kriz using rope to provide texture in her rustic and festive theme for her Christmas dinner with her besties. All that’s needed are meters of jute and very good glue.

Natural Materials for that Rustic Look

Use natural materials for that authentic rustic look. We are lucky we live in this country because natural materials like rope are easy to come by. You can get abaca rope from craft stores, home depots, or hardware stores. The rope that is easily available is made from abaca, and it’s also known as Manila rope. Other ropes made from natural materials are the sisal rope (made from sisal or agave), and jute (made from jute).

In this project, jute rope and macrame ropes are used. These are glued to a circular placemat using a glue gun.

DIY Projects Using Rope

We’ve used rope in several DIY projects and here they are, in case you want to use this material in other craft projects.

This first one is used for a menu in a fruit bar, but you can also make a wall decor, a signage, house rules… This project uses wooden pieces aside from rope. With paint, you can make your craft project really colorful.

CARLO COMES HOME, Episode 5: How to Repurpose a Wooden Pallet into a Menu Sign

To the plantitas and plantitos out there, and the vegetarians too, this project is for you. If you use herbs for cooking or in health concoctions, you’d know that fresh ones are not so easy to come by and if they are, they are expensive! So if you want to grow herbs yourself, get inspired by Honey’s DIY project and check out these hanging planters.

HONEY GOES HEALTHY, Episode 3: DIY Hanging Planters

This next one from Kriz is a really cute project. She used a plastic tub and some rope to make a cute laundry basket. Every household needs a laundry basket or two. Choose a different color for each room, or if you have kids, let them pick their own colors.

Krafty Kriz: How to Make a Rope Laundry Basket

Interior Styles

Home accessories made from rope would go very well with several interior styles that also has a place in this country. There’s modern rustic, Scandi, coastal, farm house, biophilic design. beach house, and cottagecore. Just make sure you don’t go all out thematic.

We regularly feature home trends or micro trends which you can find in this category (just click on the link). But be aware though that unlike fashion, trends for interior design should last longer so pick one that is a clear preference for you when you think about your dream home.

We will be talking about interior design trends soon enough with 2023 just around the corner. In the meantime, do something special for your home this holiday season, like bringing out the Christmas tree and decor from storage. This requires a lot of effort for working parents (or even for non-working parents) but it could also serve as a bonding activity for the family. Those with young kids usually do this because little tykes usually love the blinking lights and colorful and shiny decor. But teenagers and even adults love coming home and celebrate Noche Buena with the family. A parental home that is dressed up for Christmas makes the get-togethers extra special.

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