Give me a break. I will miss going to the beach with my fambam this December so now I will just use my mind to help me recreate that feeling of fully shedding my cares away. That’s what beaches do to me. The only concerns then would be: do I have enough sunblock on, are there jellyfish in the water, and what’s for breakfast…lunch…dinner.

What I love about dreaming is that there is no need to think about the hows. I just dream, visualize, and enjoy the virtual experience. No need to go into mundane matters like money, means, property, and logistics. Thinking about practical matters can be boring and sometimes such a party pooper!

I wrote about a dream beach house during the ECQ because the beach is my happy place. Thinking about it calms me. Every. Single. Time.

However, that beach home is for adults. The colors are neutrals like brown and beige. The decor leans towards natural, organic, local, and subdued.

But now is the season to be jolly, and this tita wants to play.

Soft Pink Kisses on Downy White Clouds

So I am going to change my dream beach home. I want bright whites, pinks, and blues, a bit like the bubble gum and jelly bean color palette, but I want to amp up the white tints in the hues to make them lighter.

This house in the Bahamas got me dreaming.

We’ve got beautiful beach properties in this country but our beach homes don’t usually come close to this beaut’s joie de vivre. Many are seriously designed and built, mostly as an extended manifestation of a posh life.

Nothing posh for me. I prefer casual, fun, and nothing grand. Besides, I can’t afford posh.

We also have blue seas, blue skies, palm trees, and white sand in this country, so this kind of pink charmer will definitely fit in. The pink will lift the mood like a perfectly concocted negroni that would be a smashing sundowner after a happy beach day. I’d grow fuchsia bougainvillea around the property to get a bubbly and uplifting vibe going, the kind that comes from having hot pink blooms around the house.

Breezy Baby Blues

I would balance the warmth of pink with some cool baby blues. The breakfast table will also have a similar striped white and blue cloth to echo the sky and sea. Our inabel weaves would be a fantastic substitute. Hot pink flowers on the table? You bet. I’ll enjoy their presence while eating sunny side up eggs and chatting gregariously with my forever friends and family about what to do with the God-given day. (This is a dream. No pandemic allowed, and any kind of droplet is from sea spray.)

The combination of light pink and light blue hues gives a very comforting and cozy feel. I think we have been conditioned to feel this way because this combo often appears in births and in weddings, both of which are happy events.

Baby Pink Gorgeous

There’s something joyful about the light pink and light blue combination against a backdrop of white. Somehow it brings me back to the more innocent and carefree times when the only goal for the day was to fill it to the brim with play. Any tears shed were because of spilled milk and skinned knees.

If you’re planning to renovate, I invite you to think about using these pastel colors instead of the usual suspects—beige, brown, and off-white.

A Pink Door

Paint your walls a clean white then introduce pink by painting a door with this warm and welcoming color. This is also an unexpected color to have for a door and not common in the Philippines. When people look for your home, you can just say to them to look for the pink door.

Pink-Tiled Bathroom


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Pink in the bathroom could be your tender persuasion to enjoy showers even more. You can get all girly and kikay as you wash your cares away. Of course, if you don’t live alone, then your mate may feel smothered being surrounded by a cloud of femininity unless said person is either highly evolved and embrace both his or her feminine and masculine side in equal measure, or colorblind, or so in love with you.

Pretty Pink Kitchen

For those who live in tiny houses, get yourself a kitchen that glows like this perky and petite beauty. The retro refrigerator adds an interesting element in the room, looming in the space but in a friendly way because of its pale blue color. Installing some hanging shelves will give you a place to showcase your pretty pink dinnerware and light blue mugs.

If Mari Kondo were to ask me personally what sparks joy in this kitchen, I would say everything even though the kitchen counter is too cluttered for my taste.

Back to My Pink Clouds

If I had to choose the kitchen above or the one below, the one below would win hands down. That’s where you will find me, raiding the refrigerator to get some cocktail ingredients. It’s always happy hour at the beach.


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For an inspired life, click this article on Slow Living.

While you’re reading that, let me get back to my peachy-beachy home in the Bahamas. Walang basagan ng trip.


Annie is the Managing Editor of Let it B | MyBoysen Blog. An unrepentant workaholic, she runs this blog and her own company Talking Lions ( She thrives on collaborating with people who are good at what they do, and working together with them to create something special. Annie learned interior styling while managing her own wholesale business in the Netherlands, importing high-end, handmade home furnishings to stock four outlets and a showroom in the country.

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