It’s time for another DIY video tutorial from our Wonder Wall series, and here we will show you how to make a simple line art accent wall using a simple baking tool, a round cookie cutter.

We keep our video tutorials easy to do for the amateur DIYer. We’ve used so many “tools” that anyone can find in their homes—carton scraps, empty paper rolls, leaves, cling wrap, bubble wrap… But for this video, we’ve moved on to ordinary kitchen tools.

We chose different greens to use on the accent wall in the bedroom. To highlight the organic look, add house plants and use light wood furniture. White furniture would also look good for this color scheme. Make sure that your bed sheets and covers would go well with the green. For a better understanding of colors, check out the different color schemes in this post.

More Paint Color Schemes for You To Choose From

Bedroom Colors

For bedrooms, color choices are usually light or dark neutrals, pale pastels, or any color that is cool like blues and grays. People instinctively stay away from warm ones like red or yellow. But if bright and jazzy is your thing, then you can use this hue on the wall where your headboard is leaning against. The reason for this is that you are not looking at that hot hue when you slowly slip into slumber.

Bedroom Color Ideas: Creating Safe Spaces for Sleep

Click on the post above to get some tips on how to make your bedroom a soothing haven for that restful sleep that helps keep our immune systems up during this pandemic.

The Power of Green

Green is such a calm and peaceful color, unless it’s neon green or some hot color like chartreuse, a yellow-green color that is too “acidic” to look cozy.

Most greens though, whether they are dark or light, would look good in a bedroom. This is because the green color is usually associated with nature which represents growth, rebirth, and renewal.

The Best Version of Hue: Green

This post has many green paint swatches so if you want to explore the green paint colors available at Boysen, click on the post to see if there is a paint swatch that will take your fancy. Personally, I prefer any of these for the bedroom because these are more subtle greens with gray in them:

Hidden Glade|BCP-0744
Isle of Dreams|BCP-0742

But if you want a dark green, the IG photo below will help you visualize how a deep green wall would look like in a bedroom. Adding to the cozy and hygge factor are the white floor and walls, natural light coming in from the windows, and the cream bed linen.

Boysen Paint Products for the Bedroom

Wondering what Boysen paint products would be perfect for the bedroom? We recommend three—Boysen Permacoat, Healthy Home, and Virtuoso. Please read more about the products and also check out the paint swatches in the post. There are several green paint colors which are readily available and they look beautiful too.

3 Top Choice Paint Products for Bedrooms


To see the videos in the Wonder Wall series, click on this link and go to our YouTube Channel.


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