The concrete couple is on a roll. They’ve come up with ideas for their sideline business and have made them a reality – from a plant pot, to a plant stand, to a tea light holder. This episode is about making a concrete lamp base. Watch the video below:

Feeling bold enough to make this? You’ll never know if you have the knack for DIY until you try. Then when you’re done, imagine the excitement of having to choose the color. Just look around your room and decide what would work best!

This type of lamp works wonderfully with industrial interiors. In fact, this webisode is geared for that type of style. If you want to know more about the industrial style, read The Paint Palette for Industrial Interior Design.

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When choosing the paint colors, narrow it down first before you visit a Mix and Match station at a home depot near you and feast your eyes on the thousands of colors available. Choose the hue that catches your eye!


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