Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should be the most relaxing place in your home. The colors used in your bedroom walls will affect and play a vital role in setting your mood. Choosing the right colors for your bedroom can help induce feelings of relaxation and comfort, or liveliness and exuberance. If you need to find the right colors for your bedroom, we have a list of palettes for you to choose from! Read on!

Best Paint Colors for your bedroom

Selecting colors for your bedroom can be challenging. You would want the right balance and feel to provide a relaxing atmosphere. From vibrant and strong palettes to subtle hues that amplify a sense of relaxation. Here are palettes that would add brightness and color to your bedroom.


ENLIGHTEN PaletteFor a tranquil and peaceful bedroom, the ENLIGHTEN palette offers a set of light and lambent colors that provide a relaxing atmosphere. Evoking a sense of beauty and delicacy, this is a palette that can elevate the beauty of your bedroom interior.

Adding colors like the Cloud of Unknowing and Lullabies to your bedroom wall helps set a peaceful tone while adding life to your bedroom. All Natural and Morning Cocoa represent colors that are subtler and reserved, while still exuding a sense of tranquility. Astral Drop and Sea of Tranquility are darker colors that can complement the other colors, and provide grounding to the overall look of your bedroom.

The ENLIGHTEN Palette is a set of colors designed to connect mind, body, and spirit. For those who want a bright yet subtle atmosphere in their bedroom, the warm and cool hues in this palette provide a balance which gives your bedroom a relaxing ambience.

ENGAGE Palette

ENGAGE Palette

The ENGAGE palette is not for the faint of heart because it is a set of strong, passionate, and powerful hues that add life and energy to your room. Red Thunder is a striking hue that splashes life onto your bedroom walls, while the Liberty Bloc is a vivid yellow that screams wake up instead of good night. Combining both can work well because they are both primary colors. Usually this combination is used by the fast food industry because it turns heads and stimulates appetites! Why do you think McDonald’s or Jollibee use it?

Usually we do not recommend these colors for bedrooms, and that includes the bright orange Sunset March, because of their sheer energy. But will these work for the bedroom? Yes, it can if you love the colors. A good solution would be to choose a light neutral (like your choice of white) for most of the space, and have decor in the bold colors positioned around the room with a great deal of restraint. You can find an example of how this will work in the article 2019 Interior Trends for Black and White. According to Elle Decor, the trend for white in 2019 is ‘90% white, 10% color.”

As we always say in this blog, colors are very personal and they trigger different emotions in people. If you say red and yellow for the bedroom, or a bright orange, who are we to stop you?

However, using the achromatic Back in Black, the blue Earnest Envoy and the brown Common Ground in your bedroom, can make your bedroom a good refuge from life’s frenetic pace.

ENABLE PaletteENABLE Palette

Another color palette for 2019 that will brighten up your bedroom is the ENABLE Palette. This palette, with its light and playful hues, is a combination of bright neutrals and high chroma colors. This is another palette that provides a sense of high energy and liveliness that can make a cheerful bedroom.

The hues in this palette channel the spirit of collaboration, positivity and forward-thinking, allowing for interesting color combinations that gives that energy lift you need to get started in the morning. Truth Be Told is a light neutral hue which can be the primary color for most of the walls. Fresh Queue and Crystal Gems can be accent colors found in furniture or beddings.

You can also use the darker, more energetic colors in this palette, the yellow Emoji Master, the blue violet Key Influencer and the Pink Pixel, as your accent colors. Using these darker shades instead of the pastels provides a greater contrast in your color story. Any of the lighter hues. Truth Be Told, Fresh Queue, and Crystal Gems, can be used as your main wall paint color. So although you have energetic hues, you still will be able to create a restful vibe in the bedroom.


Enchant is the perfect dark color palette to use for 2019. The rich, deep, tones of each shade are sophisticated and luxurious. Adorn your bedroom or living room with shades like “Pure Decadence” and “Dark Magic”. The shades in this palette work well with luxury furniture to bring back depth and dimension to the whole room. The cooler tones promote a relaxing atmosphere without being too dull.

The colors are made so that it avoids straining the eye, which can promote rest and relaxation. These colors can still appear bright when paired with the right furniture and decor. If your room is beginning to look too cool, use a warm accent such as throw pillows or lampshades to keep everything balanced.

All these shades are made to work well separately or together. At the end of the day, a bedroom is a place of rest and rejuvenation. Choose these colors to enhance the restful mood of your bedroom. You won’t regret choosing ENCHANT if you’re a fan of deep and dramatic colors.

Key Takeaway

The bedroom is a place to rest. Choosing the right colors and color combinations is important if you want your bedroom to provide you with an atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and sleep. Be moderate in the number of colors you use in a bedroom.  The four Color Trend 2019 palettes have been carefully curated so that you are able to choose one, two, or (at most) three colors in a palette, and can be sure that the combination works.


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