We’ve got the latest Boysen paint colors from our Boysen Color Trend 2019 all in one space right here.

Here are the videos of the four color palettes ENGAGE, ENABLE, ENLIGHTEN and ENCHANT. Watch the videos and feel the different color personalities. Which one fits you best?

Color Palette ENGAGE

There are no light neutrals in this palette. These Boysen paint colors are all strong, powerful and passionate. In living spaces, these hues create an unmistakable statement of movement and energy.

Get this vibe in your kitchen pronto if you’re a social animal who loves to entertain at home. Think Sunday lunches with family and friends, or simple, cozy dinners (potluck maybe) during those week nights when you and friends who are also neighbors  (no need to wade through traffic) want to break bread together and chat about your day.

For more photo inspirations, read Turn Up the Heat in Your Kitchen.

Color Palette ENABLE

The paint colors in the ENABLE palette are a combination of brilliantly lit neutrals with high chroma colors. Techies, these colors should appeal to you!

This palette is a combination of warm and cool colors. You can use one, or combine two or all three of the intense colors Key Influencer, Pink Pixel and Emoji Master together, if you’re feeling brave. Or you can also go uber-cool and stick to light neutrals Fresh Queue, Crystal Gems, and Truth Be Told.

You can combine the colors any way you want if you have some painting ideas in mind. The Boysen Color Team made sure that all these colors work together in any combination. This goes for all the palettes created since 2015.

Follow this link to know more about the color palette ENABLE and see more wall paint ideas.

Color Palette ENLIGHTEN

For people who want homes which exude a calm, restful and relaxing ambience, Boysen presents these paint colors. Watch the video and have a relaxing minute.

The soft and sophisticated palette ENLIGHTEN creates a stylish space for cocooning, and imbues interiors with warmth and refinement. Design like a pro and bring in textures with your furniture and furnishings, like soft fabrics or natural materials like wood or stone, to make the room more visually appealing.

Click the link and get more painting ideas on how to create a serene home.

Color Palette ENCHANT

This video is truly enchanting with Boysen’s ultra-dramatic paint colors for this year.

The deep tones of this palette drench interiors with an alluring intimacy that invite exuberance. Do you want to have your own sumptuous sanctuary where you can indulge uninhibitedly?

Get your colors, go home, paint your walls, and – voilà! – instant boudoir or man cave!

You can also use this color palette even for small spaces! Get your painting ideas into your condos and click on this link.

Boysen Paint Colors

Boysen carries thousands of paint colors. You can very easily choose your colors by going to any of our Mix and Match Stations. Take your time to look at the swatches and then dive right in and have your favorite hues mixed!

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